Report from first open sign-up Kaospilot course experience design in May in Aarhus Dk

From May 13-15th 2014 we carried out our first open sign-up course for international professionals in experience design – the first of its kind to market in Scandinavia.

By Niels Kjærgaard-Jensen




The 3 days were a tour de force into the world of designing and staging meaningful experiences – methodologically, theoretically and above all: in practice.


If terms and concepts such as pre-exposure, extension, personal/social/physical context, Imagineering, proto-typing. wholeness-oriented experience-approach, experience events, theming, sensory stimulation, co-creation, transparency and authenticity weren’t familiar before the course, there is a great chance that they are now.


20 participants from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany & Brazil made the 3 days extremely experience-potent, memorable and learningful. They came with backgrounds in various design disciplines, (project- ) management, event, communication/advertisement, sales & tech – they left as experts in the rare art of designing & staging meaningful experiences.


The backbone of the course was the co-creative immersion into 3 tasty real world challenges brought in by 3 of the participants which called out for innovative experience design solutions through the application of the unique Imagineering 5-step experience innovation & design model.



The 3 experience challenges

The challenges we worked with:


  • what is the unique experience that will tie customers closer to a large scandinavian provider of broadband, tv & internet?
  • what kind of organizational experience concept can inspire for personal growth and meaningful challenges for 400 employees in gazelle-company – annual 40% growth rate – in the creative & communication-industry in Sao Paolo, Brazil?
  • how would one design a unique and powerful experience conference that brings together leaders across sectors and industries? The conference is about organizational innovation & positive organizational change. And what kind of events & activities will tie unique experience to the conference both before and after?



Thanx so much!

Thanx to Jacob Buchbjerg & Mads Hovgaard for turning food-catering into a veritable Michelin-experience!


Thanx to DAK, A-huset/Godsbanen, for letting us use your sensational environment as location for the experience course, and thanx to all the good, friendly and dynamic people down there for having us!


Next course November 19th-21st 2014

We are already plotting on the design of the next course which will also take place in Aarhus C, Denmark. Dates are 19th-21st of November. Location to be announced. For more info on course and sign up, go to:

Also check out Facebook, for a taster of the course in May.



The course – Kaospilot Experience Design

The KaosPilot Experience Design Course is a collaboration between KaosPilot in Aarhus, Denmark and graduate KaosPilots and associates, Niels Kjærgaard-Jensen of In Good Company and Mikkeline Kierkgaard & Andy Sontag of Core


The name of the course is: Kaospilot Experience Design.



“Nothing less than a life-changing experience – professionally as well as personally – was what happened during the three days of the Imagineering experience design program at KaosPilot in May 2014”.

Luisa Bernardes Martini
Co-founder of FLAGCX, The Creative Disruption Network, Sao Paolo, Brazil


FLAG is a holding of 14 companies inside the creative and communication industry, based in São Paulo, Brazil, with 350+ employees and a growth rate of 40% a year.