Application for Kaospilot team 26 2019-2022 will be available in December 2018


You are applying for the 3-year Enterprising Leadership program.

Let us try to guess who you are: You are a young woman or man who is seeking inspiration, new perspectives, challenges – and an opportunity for making change in your life. You want to learn. You want to develop your skills and your potential. You are curious and seek new experiences – and seek to inspire others. Maybe you have studied, travelled the world, started your own business or worked in different fields?


Now you are considering spending three years of your life at a school located in Denmark – together with other highly motivated people, who want to make a difference.


We are looking for your potential – and by answering the questions in the application form below and through your work with a creative assignment – this will hopefully show. Before you start answering, we want to give you one very important piece of advice:


Be yourself! Enjoy the process – and the challenge this is. Do not waste your time trying to be what you think we want you to be.




What is the procedure from now to joining the next team?


First step

- for applying to Kaospilot is the application form and your creative assignment.



Second step

- involves a workshop for a selected number of candidates and will take place at the school, in Aarhus from April 30th -May 1st 2019 (two full days).
During the workshop you will learn more about the school, and hopefully more about yourself. After the workshop, the final selection will take place and you might be admitted to the three-year program.



Read this blogpost from our application workshop 2016



This application is your chance to be invited to the workshop…

…and you will be informed if you are invited to the workshop or not, at the latest, April 3rd 2019. The cost of attending the workshop is DKK 900 (to be paid the first day of the workshop). This fee also covers food and materials during the two days.
NOTE: We offer the opportunity for applicants outside of Europe (EU/EEA) to replace the workshop in Aarhus with an online interview/workshop. We will always recommend you to participate in the workshop – but recognize that it can be difficult for participants living outside Europe (long travel etc.). If you are interested in this opportunity – please inform us immediately, after you receive the information on whether you have been invited to the workshop.





Furthermore, we have arranged a Facebook forum, (Group name: We are applying for KAOSPILOT Team 26) for applicants, where you can ask questions and share comments, and suggestions with other applicants, along with the staff and student group moderators.



Finally, you are also welcome to mail