Kaospilots Principal Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius and Creative Leadership programme director David Storkholm set out to Yangon in Myanmar to work with the 13 global platform managers of Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke and Action Aid, who raise awareness and spread information among emerging young people in developing countries


For three days, Christer and David worked on Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke and Action Aid’s global platform, a training site for leaders of educational platforms in Nepal, Myanmar, El Salvador, Jordan, Tanzania, United States and Denmark.


The educational platforms bring conscientious young people together in experimental workshops, in which a focus on testing and prototyping is a great part of the learning process. As David Storkholm puts it:


“The experience of working on a global platform that really works with and trains the youth of the future was truly powerful. Working within that universe and diving deeper into it made it clear that the voices and beliefs of these young people – fighters for justice and equality – are where the world is going to develop from. The global trainers give them the tools and know-how to strengthen them in this valuable process.”


Through the Creative Leadership course, participants widened their understanding of leadership and reflected deeply on its different roles and kinds. Focusing on personal leadership makes it possible to become aware of who you are and what you stand for. This in turn trains you to shape yourself as a leader of integrity. A further focus was on ways to train people to lead developmental processes that could grow ideas and increase progress.


Rikke Friis, Educational Manager for Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, had this to say about the experience:


When you have a group of 12 enthusiasts, with an interest in fighting for social justice, the leadership focus turns towards how you can create the greatest impact in the most efficient way. The Creative Leadership course created a confident, self-reflective room that challenged us to look at ourselves and think about our personal leadership. This is the only way to work if you want to make a change in the world. David Storkholm and Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius led us through three incredible days filled with elements that were both playful and instructive. Definitely recommended!


Rikke Friis Mikkelsen
Uddannelseschef MS