Sara Furlani – Communication designer from Politecnico de Milano and founder of is this Thursday presenting her unique theories within the new and exciting frontier of food design – food decoding. This lecture will be the first of its kind in Denmark.


“All food can be considered designed or designable: in some cases it is done by culture and time, in other cases by technical and environmental circumstances. Even the food that is very familiar to us, or that we take for granted, has now become functional to production and marketing demands.”



With these opening lines, from her awarded master thesis, Sara Furlani invites us on a journey into her food lab! A journey for the min, taste-buds and senses.

The Aim of the workshop is to highlight how crucial the senses are to process the inputs received from food and, consequently, to show the importance of a food-focused theory to decode the inputs and of a method to design food in a conscious way.



Come and get your senses thrilled and your perception of food expanded. Expect blindfolds, different tastes and sharing of love for food and good design thinking.


Location: Kaospilot, Filmbyen 2, 6th floor

Time: Thursday 19th of September 4.30 pm – 6 pm.