At Kaospilot we love to share, and what better thing to share that some of all the splendor that goes on in and around our house? There are so many great stories, sharp insights and good info that we believe could benefit a wider audience. Admittedly we haven’t always been the most talkative – at least not on our media platforms – but from today that sort of silence is in our past. It is with great pleasure we introduce “Frequency”.

We think of it as a digital magazine published one section at a time, with original, curated content about many – if not all – things “Kaospilot”.


It is divided into five “frequently” bi-weekly updated sections:


Kick-off the week with “Hearing Voices”. Its a series of essays based on interviews conducted with inanimate objects and fuzzy words. We will have a chat with concepts like “Creative Office”, “Creativity” and possible “Inspiration” – if we can find it… It might be as weird as it sounds – but we suggest you tune in anyways.



Get introduced to a person from the wide and varied Kaospilot family with “Hello There”. We bring you small portraits of some of the important people that happens to be our guest-lectures, course-attendees, in-house staffers, alumni, business partners  or great students.



In this seasonal section you can get updated on “The Outpost”. Get an eye-witness report from Cape Town in South Africa where two Kaospilot teams are currently living, learning & loving.



We give your eyes a well deserved day off and enter your brain via sound-waves instead with our new podcast “Growing Pains”. In these half hour long conversations Morten Nottelmann and guests looks behind various start-ups from the Kaospilot universe, and investigate the ideas behind the concepts and the ups & downs of getting them off ground.



We finish the work-week with our guest-curated hit-list “Hi-5 on Friday”. A string of smart people will guide you to the five most something. Expect highly personal ultimate lists spanning from the the most inspirational talks or favorite novels to essential disco-moves or inappropriate wedding hair-does – the possibilities are limitless. We are also looking forward…



On top of all this goodness we aim to sprinkle a delicate selection of guest-contributions, hot news and experimental one-offs from our big and lovely network.

We hope to inspire, tingle and possibly move you, and that you too will become a frequent visitor!