Kaospilot had a very interested and enthusiastic visitor on one grey January day: Cassiano Mecchi from Google visited the school to look for new talented colleagues among the students.




- I really wanted to go to Kaospilot because it is so different from the schools I normally go to, says Cassiano Mecchi.


He works for Google and travels to the best educations in the Scandinavian countries to spot new talent for jobs at the global company. He is looking for innovative people with different backgrounds.


- I had a meeting with my manager some months ago. He said “you know Cassi, when we are looking for talent we are always going for the usual suspects, I want to see other types of people”, and he suggested that I should go to Kaospilot, Cassiano recalls.


- I have a friend from my hometown in Brazil who is a Kaospilot. So I called him and asked him to connect the dots. He did and that’s what brought me here.



Cassiano Luiz Mecchi, Campus recruiter at GOOGLE



- My impression of Kaospilots is that they are international profiles who are open to different culture, embrace openness, celebrate diversity, and are strong in leadership and entrepreneurship. That’s the kinds of qualities we are looking for, says Cassiano who also did a workshop with the third year students around creative skills for innovation.


The jobs Cassiano is seeking candidates for is in the “Small and medium business sales and service division” in Dublin, and in “Global customer service” in both Dublin and Wroclaw, Poland.


All photos by Cassiano