Kaospilot HIVE is a project- and coworking community for entrepreneurs who work in the creative industry.

The members of HIVE all have different backgrounds and competencies so that they can collaborate on larger, diverse projects within the creative industry.


Alongside working on their own projects in own businesses the entrepreneurs get to contribute on large, common projects through Kaospilot HIVE.


HIVE is part of Kaospilot and members have the opportunity to network and collaborate with students and staff at Kaospilot.


Kaospilot HIVE is located in Filmbyen 2 in Aarhus where also the Kaospilot school is situated.

If you would like to apply for joining HIVE contact Jesper Krogh Kjeldsen who is the leader of HIVE.


As a member of HIVE you get

  • Your own seat in a shared office space
  • A community of other entrepreneurs in the creative industry
  • Weekly sparring meetings with your fellow HIVE-members
  • A chance to network and create synergy with the Kaospilot school
  • The chance to engage in projects through Kaospilot HIVE – in collaboration with your fellow HIVE-members.
  • A bunch of other entrepreneurs who all contribute to the HIVE community.


Read more about the concept and thoughts behind HIVE in this interview with the leader of HIVE and the principal of Kaospilot: HERE