Kaospilot is going to the famous Almedalen Week on the island of Gotland, Sweden, to participate in Folklabbet, the “People’s Lab”. Almedalen Week, sometimes refered to as a “democracy festival”, has become an important tradittion that will soon celebrate its 40th year. It started out in 1968 when the Swedish politician Olof Palme stood up on the back of a truck and held a speech next to the park of Almedalen. The event became an iconic start of something bigger, a cultural and political meeting point. The tradition of this festival has also been an inspiration for Folkemødet on Bornholm in Denmark. 2014 is the first year for the Kaospilot to be represented at Almedalen as an organization by the students involved.



Kaospilot is a school for enterprising leadership and has been educating Kaospilots for around 20 years. Our focus is to educate changemakers who become skillful in creative project, business, process and leadership, all of these aspects influenced by design. The students work with design thinking on a daily basis on different projects, which gives good preconditions for them to pass on knowledge such as this initiative where these students get to show their learnings.



Since a long time back many students have involved themselves in projects that strengthens democracy. The idea of democracy is also represented every day through actions in the school. Therefore we find it natural to support this initiative to promote a participatory approach to solve issues in society. When you get challenged to innovate a societal issue in a joyful way, co-creating possible solutions with a broad variety of people, while at the same time learning and applying creative methods, you will hopefully be inspired to use this thinking as you are faced with obstacles, big and small, along the path towards a sustainable future.



Kaospilot is engaging in People’s Lab because we see the opportunity for the Almedalen Week to become more than a week of promoting ones own ideas. We wish to see heads talking together, but also hearts feeling together and hands acting together. We believe that it would raise the interest and effect for design as a necessary part of our democracy. We welcome you who are interested in getting introduced to how KaosPilot students, how we work and who we are. The school will be represented by the students Maja Lidberg, Max Lauritzén and Mattias Axell from Team 20, Markus Lampe from Team 19 and the recently graduated Adrian Coyet from Team 18.



The Kaospilot school believes that design is interconnected with everything, not the least health, the topic we will explore and create with this coming week,. Design & design thinking are core concepts highly valued at the school and we see the need to co-create solutions in an area as important as health.



We would especially like to see those participants & visitors who are unfamiliar to the philosophy of design & design thinking to participate in the People’s Lab. We welcome everyone but it also lies in our identity to wish to see youth come there, experience it and how they can be empowered changemakers which create value for society.



Our vision for People’s Lab in Almedalen is that the week becomes more of a ground for nourishing participants to be societal changemakers and go from talking to doing. We hope that the lab partners providing the challenges get new perspectives and ideas on how to work in these manners and get an experience of working together with students from Kaospilot.



It is important to participate in the People’s Lab (Folklabbet) as it is such an innovative concept for the Almedalen Week. We hope to inspire you as a citizen to go from idea to concept and action – the spirit of Kaospilot.



Come co-create with Kaospilot at Almedalen Week 2014! Read more about People’s Lab (in Swedish) at: