Yin Lei Zhang and Thomas Persson, both from team 20 are representing their five headed team (Thomas Horsted Nymark, Thorkild Kasimir K. Kusnitzoff and Robert Sanftleben) at the Beijing Design Week this weekend for the sustainability competition organized by Interactive Beijing, where they managed to end up as 1 of the 8 finalists.


The aim of the competition is to call out to grassroots solutions that will contribute in improving the air quality of Beijing. Their concept is to initiate a campaign that can be summarized as following: I BREATH AIR is an awareness campaign to promote greenery in Beijing by connecting sustainability and art with the local community. As Yin Lei explains: “By bringing information to the people, we want to teach and engage every Beijing citizen to participate in greening the city they love, thus contributing in improving its air quality. Together with the 20 million citizens of Beijing, we can make a change and we can act now.”


The concept is built upon the technologies of vertical and roof gardening, which make growing greenery in an urban setting more accessible. How they got into the competition wasn’t exactly planned from the beginning: “We started out with an open group at the school for everyone interested. From that point onwards, we just started brainstorming and led the first ideas take us to the next – and all of a sudden we just worked our way through ending up with this really nice concept!” – As Yin Lei tells.

The representatives are departing tomorrow, Thursday, for four days presentations, networking and explorations.


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