The first year students at Kaospilot visited the Danish Parliament last month to investigate political leadership. During their day at the parliament they talked to politicians from five different parties about political leadership and engagement. One of the politicians was Jakob Ellemann-Jensen who is the spokesman on political affairs in Venstre, The Liberal Party in Denmark. This week he came to Kaospilot for the first time to learn more about how a school like Kaospilot fosters entrepreneurs and leaders.  





Leadership is at the core of what the students learn at Kaospilot. They are presented with different perspectives on leadership and earlier this year the first year students went to the Danish Parliament at Christiansborg in Copenhagen to investigate how politicians work with leadership and engagement. They met politicians from both The Danish People’s Party, The Alternative, The Social Democratic Party, The Socialist People’s Party and The Liberal Party. One of the groups had a meeting with Jakob Ellemann-Jensen who is the spokesman on political affairs for The Liberal Party. He got curious about Kaospilot and recently visited the school in Aarhus.


-       I thought this was a great opportunity for following up on the meeting I had with the Kaospilot students at Christiansborg. At that time I told a lot about myself and my world. Now it is great to learn more about the Kaospilot community, says Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.


Emil Vincentz was one of the students who visited the parliament and he also met up with Jakob Ellemann-Jensen at the school to share his thoughts and experiences as a Kaospilot student.


The meeting with the political environment gave Emil Vincentz a new perspective on political leadership and engagement.


-       It was interesting to get an experience of how the political environment is in the daily life at the parliament, and it surprised me how competitive it is also within your own party, says Emil.


Also for Jakob Ellemann-Jensen the meeting brought new perspectives.


-       It was a fantastic meeting with the students. They were very curious, knowledge seeking and didn’t settle with superficial answers. It is always healthy having to formulate what your grounds are for doing what you do, says Jakob Ellemann.


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Emil Vincentz likes that the political world is brought into the school.


- We are a community that can and want to change things and therefore it is also important to know and understand what goes on in the political world, says Emil. He is an entrepreneur himself and finds it interesting to hear a politician’s take on this issue.


The principal at Kaospilot, Christer Windeløv-Lidzélius, also emphasizes the importance of the meeting between the political world and the educational world.


- In our striving to strengthen the students in leadership and entrepreneurship it is also important that they meet significant politicians from different parties who can articulate thoughts around what political leadership is, and what they think is important to create the right frames for entrepreneurship, he says.


Jakob Ellemann-Jensen also visited Kaospilot HIVE, the project and co-working community that Kaospilot has created to break down the barriers between being an entrepreneur and a student.


- I think Kaospilot Hive is an interesting way of merging a school and an entrepreneurial community. It is a good place for testing new things out. I also found the somewhat autonomous and different approach to education refreshing, says Jakob Ellemann-Jensen who looks forward to meeting more Kaospilot students at Christiansborg.



Text by Lotte Rystedt, journalist at Kaospilot

Photo by Katrine Mark, Birna Ketilsdóttir Schram