30% of marketing budgets go to events!

How do you navigate in the changing landscape of marketing with its accelerating focus on unique events & powerful customer & user experiences?


According to the freshly published Dutch book, Events as Strategic Marketing Tool (Cabi 2014) – it is not unusual for many European companies, across industries, to use almost 30% of their marketing budgets on events, and we are not just talking about Red Bull and Heineken who have access to seemingly unlimited marketing & branding resources. Recent figures from Scandinavian advertisement industry magazine, Resumé, support this trend by reporting a boom in the Swedish event industry with 6-8% annual increase since 2008 despite the economic crisis.


At Kaospilot, we see this as a serious and very long-lived trend and an expression of a profound shift in values and behaviour of modern day consumers, customers, visitors and audiences. For the customer is now an active, and above all curios, person with a deep desire to interact and seek knowledge about  everything that is out there in order to check first hand if it is real, fake or just empty communication and messages. Subsequently she/he forms her/his own opinions of the personal experience value, and from then on choices, relationships and loyalties are born.


In simple terms, customers want personal relationships and contact with more human, honest & value-driven companies that are more physically present, visible and available.


Simple steps & rules to go by


So, how does a company or brand with event marketing & experience potential towards its (strategic) user & customer target groups innovate with experience value creation through powerful experience offerings? And how do they build their event muscle and align new events successfully with their advertisement activities, marketing channels and branding touch points?


For Kaospilot the first step to explore this is to ask oneself: What kind of experience are we as a company? What is most important and valuable to us in this world? What lies closest to our hearts? What is it that makes us deserve to be favoured by customers over other players in the market? And what are we proud of the most about who we are and what we do and which we will not hesitate to show to and share with the world?
The next step is to figure out how to get others to feel and experience it and to put it out there.


It is likely that when packaging this into unique and surprising in-store experience, event and other experience-activities with platforms for real human interaction, it will be exactly what your (new) customers and users wish to lean into and stay loyal to.


Kaospilot Experience Design – Innovation through experience design


Check out the newest edition to our series of high-touch open sign up courses for international professionals, Kaospilot Experience Design - how to get ahead with design & staging of meaningful customer and user experiences in five simple steps.


And please do not hesitate to share with us your knowledge and successful cases about powerful customer & user experiences and unique experiential events.


Niels Kjærgaard-Jensen
Programme director
Kaospilot Experience Design