Finnur Sverrisson is gathering citizens from all 193 countries in the world to live in Malmö for his project Little Big Malmö. At Kaospilot he was a guest lecturer for the first year students who come from 12 different nationalities, and they had a conversation about cultural diversity.

Meet him here in our series of interviews with the many guest lecturers from all around the world that we are blessed to have teaching at Kaospilot.





What is the essence of the work you do? 


I am working on a project called Little Big Malmö. It is about celebrating the backgrounds of all citizens in the city of Malmö, Sweden. To make Malmö the best city at diversity. We do that by shifting focus on what is missing in Malmö and by the standards of the United Nations we lack 24 persons to become the most international city in the world. I’m working on this now since there is a misunderstanding in the world today that migration is dangerous. So we are creating the first and only truly global city with citizens representing each of the 193 recognized UN nations.


How have you collaborated with Kaospilot?


This time we did a workshop about cultural diversity for the first year students. The 35 students in team 22 are from 12 different countries. So we talked about the benefits of sharing experiences. How do we get to know each other and how do we ask questions to get past cultural barriers that society might have put up. When old ideas collide a new is born. Can team 22 create greater projects and learn more by being more understanding about each other.


What would you like the students to take with them from your classes? 


To celebrate cultural diversity. To stay open and take in different perspectives. Everyone here has different backgrounds, our different cultural angles should serve as bridges over barriers and be a source of inspiration.

I also want them to take with them that to put focus on these thoughts you may have to shine a light on it from another angle – a mind shift.


What do you take with you from the Kaospilot students?


We had an awesome conversation. I studied at Kaospilot in Malmö and I hope that we gave the same energy back to the people that spent time with us, as I got from team 22. I also got great new angles on our project Little Big Malmö.


What are the most important questions that young aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs should ask themselves?


Is this my passion?

It took me a long time to understand that my love of people has been the red thread through all my companies and undertakings.

And focus! That’s still a struggle for me. I always have a new project, but when I look into them the focus is always on the same thing and in my case that is people.


What inspires you in your own work?


That I can actually make a change both in business and in society. It’s just more work when it comes to changing a whole society. But I’ve got time and good people with me so it will happen in the end.



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