Hannes Ley is a kaospilot and a digital strategy consultant who founded the company The Main. As a lecturer at Kaospilot he aims to share his insights in brand identity.

Meet him here in our series of Q&A’s with the many guest lecturers we are blessed to have teaching at Kaospilot.





What is the essence of the work you do?


As a digital strategy consultant I help my clients to improve their digital marketing performance both in marketing activities, but also in organizational structures and processes.


How have you collaborated with Kaospilot?


I am a kaospilot myself. I was a member of team 5, 1997 – 2000. Since then I’ve returned many times for networking, partying and teaching.


What would you like the students to take with them from your classes? 


Insights in brand identity, brand management and brand communication. A toolset to enable them to elaborate the key activities in marketing.

Take care of your brand. Create an environment and space design that reflects your purpose and brand essence.


- and what do you take with you from the Kaospilot students?


Inspiration, a shared set of values, high energy and engagement.


What are the most important questions that young aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs should ask themselves?


Why am I doing what I am doing? What are my objectives? How do I achieve them efficiently without losing my energy?


What inspires you in your own work?


My analytical way of thinking, my openness for dialogue, insights from great people, my independent work status.


You are a Kaospilot yourself – how did your Kaospilot background bring you to work in this field and founding your own company?


My Kaospilot background helped me define the way I want to work: being able to do what I want to do, working project-based with diversity and with people, who aren’t afraid of change.


Do you have some input from your class with the students that you would like to share?


This image is from a brainstorming exercise in my class with the students of Team 22. It is on five questions about the Principles of Communication related to the 9/11 terror attacks:


- What do you feel, when you see these images?

- What facts to you actually see in the images?

- What’s the messengers intention?

- Who’s the recipient of the messenger?

- What are the reactions going to be?


hannes ley class