Leadership is at the core of all that the students learn at Kaospilot, and to be a good leader it is important to be good at communicating in a personal and authentic manner. Roxana Kia is an actor, instructor and leadership expert. She has helped third year students at Kaospilot to find their own way of communicating in front of an audience.

Meet her here in our series of interviews with the many guest lecturers from all around the world that we are blessed to have teaching at Kaospilot.





Personal communication as part of leadership

Roxania Kia does masterclasses in personal communication for leaders. At Kaospilot she teaches students how to find their personal way of communicating. In her classes one student presents while the rest of the team is the audience, and Roxana helps the student move forward in their personal communication. She does the work right on the spot and it is quite an intense process. Here Roxana tells a bit about her work.


Why have you chosen to work with personal communication masterclasses?


- I love evoking people’s authenticity and have a talent for it. So it feels very natural. I believe that when we contribute purely from our uniqueness to a community, it is the most valuable contribution we can make. In communication this means that we connect for real with our audience by bringing our presence to the stage, being able to listen deeply to their needs, dreams and growth potential. This always touches the listeners and it is an art to practice and develop this kind of discipline.


Where does your passion come from?


- From loving the people I work with and loving to see them shine.


What is your aim with this work?


- To bring people back to their hearts, courage and clarity for authentic communication and connection to the participants.


How is it to work with the Kaospilot students?


- It is an honour. It is always a demanding experience to teach at Kaospilot, as the energy from the students can be unfocused. As I am very keen on making a difference with my job and keen on sharing the best I have, I need to use some of my time to create this focus before I move on with the actual teaching. However, this time it was a beautiful experience of a group of students that were responsible, curious and concentrated. Great!


What do you want the students to take with them from these sessions?


- I hope they can remember what it means to be in touch with the authentic self and communicate from that space. I hope that they have some highly effective, simple and personal tools to work with. Hopefully they will understand that communication is an art of practice, if you want to become excellent at it, and that there is huge potential. Hopefully, they are motivated to explore further and keep their curiousity open.


How do you feel when you see your sessions working?


- In love!





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