There is a special connection between Kaospilots. A sort of bond goes through the various generations, and even though the curriculum changes fast, the educators is not the same year after year and every team has an unique character, there is still a kinship between current students and graduates. It is not a case of primitive nepotism but rather meritocracy that makes Kaospilots open doors for each other in various sectors. Kasper Zederkof from Team 14 skillfully created his own position within Denmark’s biggest media-house, and is now generously helping younger Kaospilots find their way as well. But how did he get here in the first place?


KP: Can you briefly tell us what has happen in your life since you finished at the school?


KZ: Well, a lot of things happened! I moved from Aarhus to Copenhagen, where I began my job as a project-manager at the Danish Broadcasting Institution (DR) and I actually been here ever since I graduated. My job started as an internship while is was studying, then I did my final project as a Kaospilot here, and after graduation I got hired to my recent position.


KP: What is that you do? What does an everyday look like for you – if there is such a thing?


KZ: My job is as a project-manager, and I am here to transform TV-programs and brands into real life experiences. So an everyday for me could be: watch a little bit of television, come up with an idea, develop it into a concept, find a partner and then execute an event. Thats a long day (laughs) – but in short that is what I do.


KP: Kaospilots are working with a lot of different qualities like process-design, creative thinking for instance. How do you make use of these in you everyday – is it something that is present while you are working?


KZ: Actually I think there is nothing that I do that I can’t relate to what I have learned as a Kaospilot. Everything here from project management to process design to leadership and creative development is something that I have learned as a Kaospilot. So – yeah – a lot of the skills that I acquired during that education is something I make use of here.


KP: Did you have any idea that this is where you would end up when you started at the school?


KZ: Not at all! I had no clue where I would end. I was here by coincidence and looking back I can see that it makes sense that I would go in this direction – both professionally and personally ‘cause I am very driven by being here and I am motivated as a person as well, but I had no idea I would work in the media business like this.


KP: If you should give a piece of advice to somebody setting out there wondering about applying: should I do it or should I not do it? With what you know now from the way your life has taken shape what would you suggest?


KZ: I would suggest that you don’t think about what you are but really what you want to become. I was per definition the most regular guy you could find: I am from Jutland in Denmark, I went to high school and then I worked as a pedagogues assistant, I even washed stairs for a couple of years – I didn’t know what I wanted to do… I knew that I wanted to do something of importance, and I was drawn to the Kaospilot ‘cause it seemed like a place where you could do something. And I really think that people that apply for the Kaospilots – or are thinking about applying for the Kaospilots – should just consider if they want to create something, or do something or work within inspiring environments then…. go for it!


KP: So that is your advice: Go for it!


KZ: Go for it! If you don’t get a job directly from what you learned as a Kaospilot you will know after this education exactly what you want to do, or feel competent knowing that someday you will find out, and you will be successful at what you set out to do.


KP: Thank you so much Kasper – a pleasure meeting you.