Beside the people working closely with the 3-year program at Kaospilot, there is also a group taking care of bringing some of all the knowledge gained from the 22 years of experience out to a bigger crowd. They work with everything from teacher-training, leadership-programs, talks and conference-design to workshops, sparring and teaching at programs made in collaboration with other institutes. One of these “evangelists” is  Morten Nottelmann, a self-confessed geek that use his background in improvised music and design combined with his training as Kaospilot to juggle some of the many tasks a highly creative environment like Kaospilot demands.


KP: Could you tell us a little about your background?


MN: Sure. I am not gonna go way back, but I should probably mention that I used to do a lot of music, and even studied at the conservatory in the Netherlands once. I majored in  percussion and electronic composition. I had a weird “career” in the experimental music-scene in US and Europe, and put out some obscure records and did a lot of touring, but when I had my first child I didn’t feel like traveling so much, so I returned to Denmark, opened up a venue called “Lobby” with two friends, and studied at the Kaospilot on Team 14. After graduation I opened up my own small design-studio called “Oomph” that did some branding work, ideation and graphic-design for a bunch of agencies like “World Perfect” and “Hayday” and some interesting projects like “Bybi”. Beside that I also did some jobs for the school. The Kaospilot things caught on, so when I got the chance to get a position at the school I returned, and I have been working here for about three years now. So that is the very short and compressed version.


KP: What do you do at Kaospilot?


MN: A lot of different stuff, really. My official title is consultant – but that means everything and nothing these days I guess. I teach quite a bit. I am teaching on pretty much all semesters. Mostly things that concerns culture in one form or another. Then I do a lot of talks on creativity, innovation and the inner workings of the school mostly. That takes me to some very interesting places, and I have been interviewed for some quite exotic media lately in Russia for instance. The great interest that the world continue to show our little school is truly humbling. I also work with students from a master-program called Music Management – I got a course called “Dialogic Communication” and I teach entrepreneurship to the master degree at the conservatory. Then there is the fun “guest-appearances” at various places like Roskilde University and Umeå, some various leadership-courses, and a relatively new thing which is conference-host and sort of “live-talk-show-host”. That is a cool format I am very excited about exploring further. Its basically taking interesting people away from their stiff power-points and exploring their knowledge in a more curious way. I am also working on a book with my own entrepreneurship-system and the over-all branding of the school and how we can get better at telling stories – like all these blog-posts we have been doing the last twenty days. So thats a bit I guess, but I love it that way and I get to collaborate with most of the staff, and a lot of other people and that is very inspiring!


KP: You often also work together with students – how is that?


MN: Its very much in the schools DNA and it is very important to especially my boss Bo Blaabjerg. We collaborate with the students on many various assignments. In a way we hire them, and we expect them to be professionals – which they pretty much always are. Its so refreshing to get their perspectives, and since we change both the curriculum and the guest-teachers quite often at Kaospilot, they know a lot of great methods that are new to us. It really works both ways. I know they also feel its great training to see how we solve things, and how we approach the whole process. So we value it a lot.


KP: You played an important part in the quite recent re-branding of KP can you share a little about that?


MN: Oh where to start. Its a delicate issue since there is a lot of emotions inside Kaospilot around this topic. I should maybe do a little piece for the blog about it since so much thought went into it, and its hard to explain it quickly. So you will have to wait a little while for that I guess. (laughs) But I will mention that it was done in very close collaboration with the designer Kristina Bonne, and a great group of students. She is amazing, and I am so happy that we are continuing the collaboration on where the brand will go next, because it is a very organic process, and we are really only at the first step. Everybody who reads this is by the way familiar with her work. She is the one taking all those great portraits that follows these interviews, and we also shot the three alumni-videos together that people might have checked out. So she is talented indeed!


KP: At the moment you are working with the storytelling at the school. What is in the pipeline?


MN: Well this interview actually marks the final of our little countdown-campaign that I have been doing with Kristina – as mentioned early – and Charlotte Gammelgaard – another great woman who is working at Kaospilot at the moment. She has been doing interviews as well. We have a great opportunity at the moment since Charlotte will be with us until summer, so we have some very ambitious plans that we will reveal during next week. So that was a little teaser (laughs). What I can say is that I think the whole Kaospilot-universe is filled with interesting characters with great stories, so we will find all sorts of ways to tell them. I also hope that we can create media-content that is relevant to people outside our “circle” so I am looking a lot into that at the moment, and how we activate the expertise and deep knowledge of this big and beautiful network. So good things coming up…


KP: So to finish up I know you  are part of the selection process for the next team, together with a lot of other people. Could you share a little about what you are looking for?


MN: A strong thing about that whole process is that there isn’t a good answer to that question. We really value diversity, and we also look at how we create the strongest possible team, so there is a lot of factors that comes into play. It is a big fat cliche but its really true: just be yourself! I really mean it! Sometimes we see some people that try to figure out what the quintessential Kaospilot is, and then they try to “game” their way through. Not smart. We can easily see through that, and it is really a lost opportunity to come here with that attitude. So take a deep breath and show up alert, open and friendly – that will never harm your chances!