Continuing our series of posts that highlight the amazing talent found here at our incubation hub at Kaospilot in Filmby Aarhus, we want you to meet Jesper from Postevand.
We asked Jesper some quick questions and this is what he replied….


“Tell us what your company does?  And the next step that lies ahead?”


People say that sometimes, you can’t see the wood for the trees. It’s the same with water. In fact, some of the best and cleanest water is right within arm’s reach – in the tap. But what do you drink when you’re far from a tap? Postevand is some of the worlds best ground water, packaged in eco-friendly FSC cartons and always shipped over the shortest distance possible. Because we believe in protecting the environment, and embracing what nature provides us. With no frills.


It’s difficult to improve a product like ours as we already provide people with water in its purest form and do so in an extremely eco-friendly manner that doesn’t harm the environment in any way. Instead the next logical step for Postevand is to continue to educate people in Denmark about the benefits of drinking Postevand – both in terms of environmental and health reasons. It is our ambition to keep spreading our products to new markets and the most sustainable ways.


“What’s your best advice for upcoming entrepreneurs?”


My best advice is to remember to use your network. Being an entrepreneur is a challenge. In the beginning when you have no revenue and no money you will need to use your contacts. Remember to say thanks and dare to reach out – you are not alone!


“Do you have a current or coming culture event you would like to recommend to others?”


I will definitely recommend people to go to the upcoming Northside festival (12-14 June in Aarhus, red). Northside is a “green” festival, and when you go there you should not only drink and enjoy the music but also learn a bit. They are implementing some massive changes in their approach to handling environment issues and I think this deserves a huge applause.


“How do you see your contributions to HIVE and what would you like to contribute to the collective?”


I see Hive as a platform for sparring, development and contemplation. It is a constant moving culture we create together.
Postevand gives Hive a sustainable and green edge. We are strongly connected to Kaospilot and are often involved in projects and lectures with the students. We are ourselves graduates from Kaospilot team 17 and therefore see our presence at Hive as a direct link to the school’s methods and pedagogic approach to the world. We hope this can rub off on other people at Hive and help them approach their challenges with the optimism of a kaospilot


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