The Kaospilot graduates of 2015 have worked on final projects that range from innovation consultancy and record labels to greening the desert. Here you can meet a couple of the graduates and get a taste of their passion.



Andrea Buch Aasholm, Innovation consultancy for young doctors

Andrea has worked as an innovation consultant on a project that aims to make young doctors become the driving force of innovation at the University Hospital of Aarhus.


- The young doctors are especially interesting to look at when it comes to innovation because they are working at different wards. My task has been to investigate and experiment with which competencies young doctors have to use to succeed in creating change and innovation in a complex system, Andrea explains. She also looks forward to sharing her experiences.


- I look forward to having some good talks and to show the great diversity in the projects that this education can create. I hope it can create different examples of what the Kaospilot education can be used for, says Andrea.


 Christian Juul Wendell, Byboden


Christian has as part of his project made “Byboden” – an unattended stall in the city of Aarhus where organic vegetables are sold.


- People have actually put more money in the box than the amount they have taken goods for. It is a model based on trust and it is quite unique for Denmark that you can do it this way, says Christian.


His aim with the project is to make a better connection between the people of the city and the organic farms. Christian is now continuing his work on a city park in Aarhus.






Mikkel Sönnichsen and Daniel Skjødt, Concrete Lab


Mikkel and Daniel have started the Copenhagen-based record label Concrete Lab.


- We help the artists become more aware of their identity and product. We lead them through a systemic process that we know from the Kaospilot education, and this way we find out why the artists communicate and produce what they do. When this is established it also becomes easier for the artists to make their creative choices, Daniel explains.


- So basically what we do is to take base in the people and the values behind the product. And when we have found the core of the artists we find out if Concrete Lab is the right company to help them move forward, Mikkel adds.


The first artists to be released on the new record label, is the band Coco Moon.


The two kaospilots look forward to the release party that gives them the chance to invite everyone to come and see what they have been working on for the past year.


- I also look forward to showing what the whole Kaospilot universe is about. That is an important part of showing where our project Concrete Lab comes from, says Daniel Skjødt.