Earlier this year Kim Klastrup ended his career at the Danish company Grundfos, which is a global leader in advanced pump solutions and water technology. Now the former business manager takes the lead in the board of Kaospilot so that he can use his great experience to work for a school that he sees as an important alternative to the traditional educational system.





Traditional business leader values that Kaospilot is not business as usual

The new chairman of the Kaospilot board has seen how Kaospilot can give a different take on the complexity of business today.


- Many other higher educations are also very well organized and give a solid theoretical ballast. But they build upon an assumption that the world is logical and can be controlled. And then what when the unexpected happens? Are you able to manage the chaos that emerges? Can you develop untraditional solutions? This is where the Kaospilot education has something important to offer within project management and change processes, says Kim Klastrup. He does underline that the traditional educations and the Kaospilot education are not competitors; they supplement each other.


The chairman himself has a degree in political science and an MBA in Business Administration from the Henley Management College. For the last 25 years he has been in leading positions within marketing and communication in Grundfos, latest as Head of Branding.


In his work as chairman of the board he will focus on three main areas.


- One area is to introduce new types of leadership educations based on the well known Kaospilot principles. An MBA is under consideration and the alternative development program Leadershift is ready to be launched. Another thing is to place the kaospilots in the front of amental revolution that makes entrepreneurship and inventiveness a public cause in our part of the world. Last but not least we are working to build a stronger board in the next couple of years, which will make space to create more educational solutions for the future.


A board fit for the future

The board of the Kaospilot consists of professionals from both the educational and the business world of Denmark, as well as a staff representative and student representatives. They have a close connection to the school and particularly with the principal, Christer Windeløv-Lidzelius.


- I am very happy that Kim has chosen to be the chairman of the board. He has had a distinguished career in the top of Danish business life and experience from several boards. His competences will be very valuable for the future development of the board and Kaospilot as a whole, says Christer Windeløv-Lidzelius.


Alongside his work in the Kaospilot board Kim Klastrup is also a member of the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies.