Our licensed international team are a highly motivated and experience group of facilitators, coaches and trainers who share one big passion, to support and update the education in their own countries as a means to sustaining growth and transformation in the education sector. The KAOSPILOT supplement this calling through its core education reboot masterclasses that have trained over 1600 teachers & trainers from 40 different countries. We are extremely lucky to have such a dedicated group of people helping us spread KAOS around the world.


Henrique Versteeg-Vedana <henrique@manifesto55.com      
Born and raised in Brazil, Henrique traveled all over the world and had the privilege to meet, work and study with a range of incredible people. He’s a trainer and facilitator for over 10 years, and he knows how to engage people and generate collaborative processes for co-creation and raising awareness. Many of his travels and work experiences were inspired by his connection to AIESEC, and later by his three years at the Kaospilots in Denmark. After being the first Brazilian to graduate from the Danish school, he has been a partner at CoCriar Colaborative Practices upon his return to Brazil. He recently cofounded Manifesto 55, with the purpose of sharing his love and knowledge for educational innovation and social transformation.
WHY THIS PROGRAM: it was the perfect opportunity to bring to Brazil “parts of” the Kaospilots’ methodology, allowing it to be mixed, adapted, hacked and adjusted to “tropical” needs. We need to provoke transformation within the system as well as outside the system. It has been a great way to stay connected and co-evolve together with the Kaospilots even after years of graduation.LinkedIn profile here.

Joska Spruyt <joska@spruyt-lourens.academy >    
Joska has a warm personality and a creative mind and is able to balance both an analytical and intuitive way of thinking. A colleague once told him that he has the ability to see the big picture down to the smallest details. This mindset proved to be a powerful tool for Joska as teacher of Organisational behavior at the School of Arts in Utrecht (HKU). Using a personal approach to complex organizational issues, he was able to capture the attention of large groups of students.  His background as a scientist, therapist and singer have provided him with a solid foundation for this work.Joska is now focused on increasing employee participation, job satisfaction and work quality improvements. The motto of his Spruyt-Lourens academy is: ‘Whistle your way to work’.
WHY THIS PROGRAM: As a teacher, Joska has experienced firsthand how the quality of education and job satisfaction have suffered due to an increase in regulations and a lack of educational vision. This program offers practical tools to provide a constructive, creative and high-quality response to these dynamics. In this way, Joska offers what is important: To contribute towards the accountability and commitment that both teachers and students have for their education.”LinkedIn profile here.

Xavier is an international serial-entrepeneur and revolutionarie that has developed different business as a pioneer, from internet advertising to personal development strategies in the corporate world. The human being and its potential to generate whatever they want is the main focus of his career.
WHY THIS PROGRAM: Licensing the program was a response to a personal need of further development at a personal and professional level. Having a “purpose” that goes beyond oneself, being able to offer tools to create and design new and more constructive  and holistic forms of education for the new generations and working side by side with the Kaospilots, is my goal.”LinkedIn profile here.


David Cortés <david@coperfield.org>   
Born in Barcelona, David’s main characteristic in the development of the workshops is his ability to empathize with the work groups and accompany them in discovering their own responses and connecting with their innate abilities. He has developed his professional career in the field of strategic consulting working on the resolution of systemic problems with high social impact and in the accompaniment of processes of transformation of organizations”
WHY THIS PROGRAM: My experience in the field of social innovation has shown me that if we want a system change, the real and effective response is in how we educate our society for the future. Kaospilot offers a clear and emphatic proposal for all agents of change who want to design an education focused on developing the attitudes, skills and knowledge needed to have a better future” LinkedIn profile here.

Ana Barroca <a.barroca@advancis.pt>     
Ana coordinates the People Development area at Advancis and promotes international projects of lifelong learning. A mix of a futurist, activist and change agent, always with a pinch of uncertainty, two of creativity and three of emotion. Ana believes in the power of knowing, knowing how to be, knowing how to feel, knowing how to do and knowing how to make it happen as a  community. Her job is to inspire a learning (r)evolution and to ensure that learning is always meaningful and playful. As one must walk the talk, Ana has decided to add to the research & development projects a real-life experience by opening a school.
WHY THIS PROGRAM: A learning (r)evolution demands for passion and action. The KP licence is a licence to dream and act, inside a network of passionate, committed and effective change makers. Licensing the programme was essential to strengthen (both theoretically and in practice) the ability to deliver new approaches to learning and to engage a growing network of learning facilitators.”LinkedIn profile here.

mihaelas NORWAY: 
Mihaela Tabacaru <mihaela@newschool.me
Mihaela has over 15 years experience with education and development in various domains. Edu-preneur with cross disciplinary international education, she has worked several in HR development and training, and in nerdy research projects explaining systems thinking to 8th graders. Mihaela is co-founder and community manager at Newschool (www.newschool.me), an Education Technology start-up that develops tools that draw on and align education practices with a set of successful management practices, building on well established project collaboration tools. 
WHY THIS PROGRAM: Licensing the program was a natural response to the search for practical ways of helping educators to switch from imparting information to teaching students to navigate an ever-changing world, and trigger meaningful pedagogical uses of technology.LinkedIn profile here.

Thomas Gjerulff <thomas@kaoskontoret.dk>       
Thomas graduated as a kaospilot in 2009, and since then he has worked as an educator, trainer and process consultant in all sectors. He has a great passion for transformational group conversations and experiential learning spaces, where people come together and create emergent solutions, to seemingly impossible-to-solve problems. With a background as a certified paramedic and more than 7000 emergency calls under his belt, Thomas have developed a strong professional core and pragmatic approach to complex challenges. Besides his corporation with the Kaospilots, Thomas is a freelance facilitator and change maker, and he is always on the lookout for new business opportunities and collaborations.”
WHY THIS PROGRAM: No matter what educational level or direction I can think of, I believe there is a huge potential in creating super engaging and transformational learning environments, where the relationship between i.e. the teacher and the student, become more dynamic, collaborative and experiential. I joined this program because I think it is the most powerful way for teachers, trainers and other professionals within the educational sector, to take a professional time-out to explore and experiment with new ways to design and facilitate learning spaces and group processes.LinkedIn profile here.