Splendid passions, interests, thoughts, ideas, and wonders are there to be shared. So that is what we did this week at a three day event we called Share your Splendour. Here we share a glimpse of the splendours with you all.




Some have explored boredom, others discussed ethics, made a love swing, a website, homemade snaps, or talked about death. The past three days students and staff at Kaospilot have been hosting workshops for each other and got a glimpse into co-students and colleagues’ hidden splendours.


- We are surrounded by splendid people all the time! There are always moments where you find out your friend of three years is actually a junior world champion of pie baking contest. This is about exposing another side of the many-sided kaospilots, and just in general having a splendid time together, says Josie Ng who is part of the group of students who have arranged the three day event.


- A splendour is not necessarily a talent, it can be many things. We are all splendid and were also before we came to this school, so it is about sharing something that is close to you. The whole thing is also about getting to learn each other better, says Josie, and tells that Share your Splendour lives through the students who are at the school, so it is an open concept.



See more pictures from Share your Splendour on instagram at #shareyoursplendour15




Text by Lotte Rystedt, journalist at Kaospilot