- I believe in kaospilots because they know how to change the game. They know how to hack the business – by designing new rules, new settings, new set ups, new ideas that companies can use to actually boost their business.


Sofia Falk is the CEO of wiminvest – a company that works to help companies have diversity among their employees. It started off as a project to have more women in top positions of the companies. Now it is about diversity within both gender and cultural background. Sofia Falk has taught at Kaospilot about diversity. Here is what she experienced about Kaospilot students.




How was your experience at the Kaospilot?


- Being with the Kaospilot was like coming home for me. No one thought that my optimism was strange and no one thought that my extreme focus on solutions was strange. And no one thought it was crazy when we also had a lot of fun while we were working with something that is actually really hard and delicate.


What new things did the Kaospilot students come up with in your project?


They created a lot of solutions that contained a cultural level. I’ve been stuck at creating manuals, workshops or checklist, and they were expanding it to campaigns and apps and culture events and poems. So they brought culture into my solutions and turned them into something ground breaking I think.


The Kaospilot students also found a new definition of some of my work.

I had been trying to find a new definition of what diversity might be, but I had missed metaphors that symbolize what I believe in. And the students gave me those descriptions.


They reframed diversity into chessness. By that we mean that you have the chess gaming board and you have the players but by optimizing all skills available only by four moves on the chess table, you can have 372 billion different outcomes. So that captured it and I was like “oh!” It was 7 years of searching, and then they found it for me!


How would you describe the Kaospilot students?


The attitude that this school captures within the students is going to take these persons and the world a long way – because we need game changers. And then you have to have that positive approach and curiosity where you don’t take no for an answer. Kaospilot is a place where you are valued as a game changer and you feel secure being that game changer.