Our flagship three-year programme is for change makers who want to use business creativity, personal mastery and enterprising leadership to create positive social change.



Joining this course will make you part of a team of highly productive talents. You will work on real projects for real clients, as well as on your own ideas and visions. You will also be on a personal learning journey that goes hand in hand with your professional development.

This programme is demanding on many levels – physically, mentally and emotionally. You must be self-motivated and able to take responsibility for your own learning.




Kaospilots has educated entrepreneurs, change makers and leaders with a creative edge and a global mindset for more than 20 years. With us you will learn:


  • How to be a leader
  • How to build a viable business according to the visions and values of your clients
  • How to initiate and execute creative and sustainable projects
  • How to design and conduct change processes for different clients


Central to your education will be exposure to different challenges and work on a range of assignments and projects, either of your own making or provided by the school. You will develop a portfolio of projects conducted and experiences gained. As a demonstration of both the methodologies and skills you have acquired and the network you have created, your portfolio is a testimony to what you can offer future clients and employers.




The programme is rooted in action, and reflects on it. It is not simply an academic exercise, but a training arena in which you can develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes you will need to thrive in a world of constant change. The programme is project driven, so all courses are set in practical experience. Most of them involve an external client with high expectations for what you and your peers will deliver.


Students take personal responsibility for their own learning and the success of their programme. They are taken from chaos, into order, and back again so as to increase their awareness of, and ability to manage complexity, change and possibilities. The students are followed and coached on both individual and group levels.


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The programme is divided into six semesters, where our four disciplines are combined and unfolded all though the programme.



Our world is undergoing great changes and presents big challenges. It needs innovative solutions on a large scale, as well as on a more direct personal level to create meaning, motivation and opportunities. If you want to co-create your own education and take active responsibility for your own future then this programme is for you.

Kaospilots was acknowledged as one of the best design schools in the world by Businessweek in 2007, and in 2011 Fast Company named it one of ten best schools for the fast evolving start-up economy.