A new team of kaospilots are graduating from the Kaospilot education right now. And the mayor of Aarhus thinks that they are very valuable in the business life of the future, not the least in Aarhus where the Kaospilot school is situated. He himself was part of the Kaospilot community when he got a spot at the school for working on his thesis in political science.





Kaospilot DNA at the mayor’s office

Today Jacob Bundsgaard sits in the corner office at the mayor’s house in Aarhus, surrounded by Danish design and fresh flowers. Eight years ago it was a slightly more humble corner at the Kaospilot school that made the frame of his thesis writing process.


Back then the Kaospilot school was situated in Mejlgade, Aarhus. Here Jacob Bundsgaard, who is now the mayor of Aarhus, got a seat among ideations, business plans and post-its. While he was slaving with the thesis the kaospilot spirit rubbed off on the young student of political science.


- I got inspired by the do’er-mentality that is part of the DNA at Kaospilot. Many times you get the best knowledge and the fastest results by just starting things and see what happens. And then of course be willing to correct and shut down if it doesn’t work, says Jacob Bundsgaard, who uses that experience in his work as a mayor.



Entrepreneurship to the city

Like all mayors Jacob Bundsgaard values innovation and new energy in his city, and he sees the kaospilots bringing that to the city.


- It is in the nature of the education that you create new companies, new projects and new relations. Every kaospilot has to have that as part of his DNA to succeed. And that is of course needed everywhere but especially in Aarhus that is a city in growth, evolving really fast.


The mayor sees the kaospilots as important contributors in that growth.


- The kaospilots are skilled entrepreneurs, they make many start-ups, and as a mayor I have worked with kaospilots on projects around urban development, democracy development, concerts and events where kaospilots have facilitated or ideated, he explains.


Jacob Bundsgaard also highlights the kaospilots’ ability to see connections and get different types of competencies playing together in new ways. According to him it is crucial in order to be able to solve some of the complex challenges society is facing.





Resonance internationally

During the education the students at Kaospilot always work with concrete projects based in the real world. Aarhus Municipality has also been part of that, and the first year students worked with active citizenship in the municipality of Aarhus. The results from the task are now being used in the strategy of the municipality on how to use active citizenship in the future and involve volunteers, local communities and create greater democratic participation.


The international profile of Kaospilot fits well into the mayor’s ambition of a city that attracts and inspire international students and professionals. Now and then he meets people on his travels who talk about Kaospilot.


- If you have made acquaintance with the kaospilots it often leaves a big impression so people remember it. And in the educational world Kaospilot has really inspired other educational institutions, both in Denmark and internationally. Higher educations today teach in a way that the kaospilots have done since they started 24 years ago. That is; the project oriented and very concrete work with real partners and projects where the learning is not only on a theoretical level.


And according to Jacob Bundsgaard the competencies you get through that learning are more needed than ever. Both for the newly graduated kaospilots and at the mayor’s office in Aarhus.



Text by Lotte Rystedt, journalist at Kaospilot  




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