Now in its 5th year, the collaboration between VIA and KAOSPILOT, called “White Week”, grows from strength to strength. “White Week” is a three day event running in week 40.  Students from the second year of the KAOSPILOT-education and approximately 170 students from multiple faculties at VIA, join forces to create 17 multidisciplinary groups. They explore the potential of cross-disciplinary project work, facilitation, leadership and collaboration as a way to solve complex challenges.

White-week offers students the chance to discover how their skills and competences, can cross-pollinate and grow in a team-setting, where knowledge, experience and ideas are shared with peers and leadership, follow-ship and collaboration is practiced.


This year we are working with “Mejlgade Lab” . They explore over the next two years how to make Aarhus the first “Cradle 2 Cradle”-city in Denmark. As part of this project, the students are working on actionable concepts to anchor and boost the awareness around sustainable living. Each group is comprising of constructing architects, global business engineers, value chain managers, multiplatform-storytellers and KAOSPILOT’s, so one could say that the right disciplines are present to create very exciting and systemic concepts, aimed at inspiring their peers as well as the whole community.
The themes being explored this year are: “Greening the City”, “Urban Farming”, “Energy”, “Recycling: From Garbage to Resource”, “Urban Cityscape”, “Public Health: Human Well-being”.

Next year, if all goes well, we are planning to increase “White Week” to 500 students from not only VIA & the Kaospilot, but also other educational institutions and disciplines across the city to work on a very large scale project. If you have any suggestions please let us know!



Here are 14 ideas that the students from VIA University College and Kaos Pilots, developed under the white week.