We help you design experiences with emotion and purpose that change the way people think, feel and act. Leave with the modern toolbox for understanding, designing and delivering meaningful experiences.



Get a toolbox filled with facilitation methods and design mindsets to create engaging experiences that are authentic, and meaningfully build relationships to your audience.


Learn why experience design is an effective lens to help you navigate through complexity with purpose and clarity, by focusing on the experience of people your organizations serves.


Become a more confident and effective leader and facilitator, through learning the language, mindsets and of experience design. Develop the skills that you need as a designer to make good strategic decisions.



Kaospilots Experience Design Course from What Took You So Long? on Vimeo.




  • You are ready to explore how experience design methods can level up your offerings to customers and or participants in trainings you lead.
  • You are already in the process of transforming the experiences you offer your customers to make them more meaningful, creative & engaging, and want a modern methodology to do it better.
  • You are consultant or change facilitator that wants to develop professionally and harness the power of an experience design approach to creating transformative learning experiences.



At Kaospilot all teaching is done using Stanford d.school inspired or Kaospilot educational methods. These methods are biased towards action, interdisciplinary collaboration and focused on creating human outcomes through an experiential learning cycle. The backbone of the 3-day program is real world challenges that participants bring into the course. During the 3 days, the challenges will be solved through the creation of unique experience design solutions using the 5E and Core Meaning Experience Design models. Theories are immediately translated into hands on practice and exercises so the participants leave with a practical understanding of everything they learn.




  • Innovation – Learn how to apply the experience innovation models to design your own unique customer experiences
  • Co-creation – Learn how to involve your target groups and important audiences in co-creating their own experiences
  • Business – Learn how to use experiences to create business value, through efficiently meeting your customers needs and desires of today and tomorrow, and creating new profitable opportunities at strategic business level
  • Engaging Events – Learn how to design and stage powerful events that capture what is most important to your company and for your relationship with your customers
  • Authenticity – Learn how to access your organizational core value and use this to create unique and authentic leverage against competition
    Holistic Application – Learn how to create experience value for your employees as well as your customers through powerful tools to drive engagement




A profound shift in values and behavior sees consumers, customers, users, visitors and employees turning their back on offerings designed only to feed their material wants and needs. Instead they are searching for long-lasting experiences that activate positive and fundamental values such as sustainability, social responsibility, authenticity and co-creation thus offering meaning and identity in an increasingly individualized, chaotic and changing world.


Customers as well as professionals want personal relationships with more human, honest & value-driven companies, and in the fierce global climate of competition, where it is no longer enough to be the best in ones field, companies depend on more long term loyalty from its customers as well as employees.


At Kaospilot Experience Design we offer a holistic framework for creating new powerful experiences, that bridge a user/customer involvement approach and a process for meaningfully engaging the organization in the innovations they are bringing to the market. This program ensures each participant understands the value of meaningful customer experience to business and can push forward major transformations and product / service innovations that deliver both profit and impact.


Kaospilot Experience Design teaches a toolbox, with simple steps to help you get ahead with unique and decisive experience offerings.





Timing all days: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Day 1



Walk-thru context, practicalities and program of the 3 days


An introduction to experience design and your first brief


The 5E and Core Meaning experience design methods


Start-up experience challenges brought in by participants


Experience presentations, feedback and reflections of the day




Day 2

Continuation of work with experience challenges – rapid prototyping and testing


Experience design inspiration


Experience presentations, feedback and reflections of the day




Day 3

Completion of work with experience challenges


Experience design inspiration


Final experience presentations – solutions & prototypes


The road map – what have we been through and learned?


Final reflections and celebration







At Pool we depend highly on a mindset of co-creation in order to deliver long lasting solutions to our clients. That is why we send our people to the Kaospilot Experience Design Course.

Hanna Steiner, CEO & Co-founder, Pool.se, experience & communication bureau, Stockholm

Pool.se – founded in 1998 by Hanna Steiner & Arvid Axland – is a medium-size full-service communication & experience-bureau in Stockholm with 24 employees and a turn over of 27 mill SKR (2012).



I came to this course with an idea of how to use culture & experiences as a driver of integration between all the parts and people of the company I am a part of running.

I left with a fantastic experience concept that is in total alignment with my company´s mind-set and possibilities. And now I am back in Sao Paolo making it a reality with my Brazilian team.

Working in such a creatively and professionally designed & facilitated space of true co-creation with a group of amazing international professionals was in short: a life changing experience!

Luisa Bernardes Martini
, Co-founder of FLAGCX, The Creative Disruption Network, Sao Paolo, Brazil

FLAG is a holding of 14 companies inside the creative and communication industry, based in São Paulo, Brazil, with 350+ employees and a growth rate of 40% a year.




Kaospilot & Kaospilot Experience Design

Since 1992, Kaospilot have worked systematically with the management of change and co-creation processes. We are a creative and experience design driven school with 100 inquisitive rule breakers from all over the world and a consultancy house that makes training programs in leadership, innovation, education, creativity and experience design. We teach experience design through giving participants of the course a carefully designed experience. We learn experience design through applying theory and method to real word cases that the participants bring into the courses.



In House Training Option

A customized design course for your team? We have an intensive 2 day Experience Design course starting at 10,000 Euro, plus travel expense.
Contact Andy Sontag for further info: aso@kaospilot.dk





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For more info please contact

Andy Sontag – aso@kaospilot.dk


Aarhus, Denmark

November 15-17th 2017

May 16-18th  2018

Days begin at 09.00 and end at 18.00.

Course map and location







Jesper Krogh Kjeldsen (DK)




Jesper is an accomplished entrepreneur and brings this perspective into experience design. Leader of Kaospilot HIVE. Co-Founder and CEO of Postevand (Tapwater). Idealist of the year (iVÆKST 2015). Jesper lives in Aarhus C and is based at the Kaospilots in Filmbyen.





Andy Sontag (US)


Programme Director Kaospilot Experience Design

Tel. +4552900787

Email: aso@kaospilot.dk


An independent experience design and innovation consultant, speaker and educator. Bridging the worlds of design and organizational change through consultancy through work for clients globally. Has had the pleasure of being with the Kaospilot Experience Design since the courses inception.



The registration fee is DKK 14.495,- (€ 1950,-) / with 2 participants from the same company the fee is DKK 24.000,- (€ 3215,-).
An ONLINE PAYMENT system will be up and running soon!

All registration fees are ex/VAT.

The registration fee includes materials, lunch, tea/coffee and “brain-food” throughout the program. Accommodation is not included.


  • Acquire your sign-up form, fill it in and return it as soon as possible.
  • You will receive a mail with further information, once we receive your signup form.


Hotel Guldsmeden

Hotel Villa Provence

Cabinn Aarhus Hotel (BUDGET)

Danhostel Aarhus (BUDGET)

City Sleep-in (BUDGET)



In case of cancellation less than 3 weeks before the course starts, 50% of the registration fee will be refunded.

Cancellation less than one week before the course starts, will result in a refund of 25% of the registration fee.

Cancellation on part of Kaospilot will result in 100% refund of the registration fee.

Participants are always entitled to send a substitute.