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The desired outcome of education was not for anyone to get a degree – but to find a sense of direction and to have built hands-on experience in their fields of interest? Committed to transforming the traditional educational paradigm, Kaospilot Youth engages in diverse projects and courses, fostering long-term partnerships and addressing challenges in education. We work towards more varied educational experiences, empowering young learners to unleash their creative potential and drive personal and professional development.
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Kaospilot+ is the Berlin based initiative and the first local prototype of the overall Kaospilot+ concept. It offers a learning platform for design, sustainable entrepreneurship, and positive change to the German capital and beyond. Find out more about what is happening in Berlin here

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Read our latest and greatest posts on leadership, education, experience design and co-creation...
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Kaospilot is more than just an educational institution. It’s a movement. A community of dreamers, thinkers, and doers of this generation, all united by a common goal: to create world-changing ideas. At Kaospilot, education transcends traditional boundaries, blending creative leadership with meaningful entrepreneurship, all designed to empower you to make a difference in the world. In more than 30 years, Kaospilot has been educating leaders of tomorrow for what’s next.
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Why Kaospilot?

The world needs pioneers. It needs creative minds ready to face the challenges of tomorrow with fresh eyes, with the courage to ask the right questions, and the determination to find the answers. We believe in action, dialogue, in making mistakes and learning from them, and in the power of community.
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Our Programs

Our programs are more than just degrees. They are a journey through complexity and uncertainty, guided by a belief in the potential within each of us to lead change in the world. At Kaospilot, you'll learn more than project management and business development; you'll learn to navigate and lead in a complex, fast-paced, tech-driven world with empathy, integrity, and confidence.
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Who Are We?

We are changemakers, entrepreneurs, and individuals who creatively can lead a project through uncertainty and complexity. Our mission is to prepare you not just for the future, but to empower you to shape it. Kaospilot is not just an education. It is a call to action. A challenge to embrace your dreams and potential and to join a global community of like-minded individuals. Let's make a difference, together.
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The Pilot Podcast

"The Pilot Podcast" by Kaospilot explores education and change through interviews with creators, visionaries, and courageous entrepreneurs. Topics like innovation, climate change, business, project management, and entrepreneurship are covered to inspire positive impact on the planet. The podcast highlights alternative educational ideas and collectively created change.
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Work with us

Kaospilot has collaborated with a diverse range of global companies to tackle complex tasks and projects. We actively seek partnerships with institutions, organizations, and companies eager to innovate and partake in transformative learning experiences. Explore Kaospilots portfolio of collaborating cases.