Amalie is a multi passionate entrepreneur living both in Copenhagen and in the wilderness by the polar circle with her life companion Simon.

They live a life both in the far north in close connection with nature and in Copenhagen surrounded by friends and family. Merging both modern life with the more wild life in the forest. Their overall driving force is to live a life that is meaningful to them, both personal and professional.

Amalie is the CEO and founder of Rewild Studio and she keep exploring what fascinates her and what makes her heart come alive.

Which team and when did you graduate?

Team 22 and I graduated in 2018

What have you been doing since you graduated as a Kaospilot?

On my last year at the Kaospilot education I started my own company and I have worked with that since.

The vision in Rewild Studio is to create a deeper connection to ourselves, each other and the wider natural world – through different initiatives.

I started out doing a lot of workshops teaching about the ecosystem and how we are all deeply interconnected.

I created an online magazine where we interview people all working for a higher awareness of remembering that we are part of the natural world.

I designed products where people could interact with nature in different ways and did art projects that were about sparking our imagination and wonder connected to the natural world.

Now I am primarily writing books on what I have learned so far within business and how to design a meaningful life and I am giving private sessions where I support people in;

  • Personal development
  • Start up support
  • Personal ritual making and overall
  • Life design (how to design a meaningful life, personal and professional)

I have been writing a lot about what I have learned so far, having created my own company and designing a meaningful life. Three months ago I released my book on “How to initiate a meaningful business” (link) It is a glimpse of what I have learned, having created a business from the ground up, by working directly from my deepest values. Here you get the chance to dive into your potentials and you are guided by me throughout the book in how to take your idea (s) and dreams step by step and realizing them, precisely as I did with my company Rewild Studio.

My company started as a seed, as an idea, as a dream and grew into a concept and to a company I am very proud of.

Creating a business is about your whole being, not only about making money. We should thrive while doing business and acknowledge that we are part of a greater ecosystem which we affect with every action we take.

I share my learnings so far and ask you questions and guide you through exercises that will help you initiate your meaningful business.

Another book is coming;

Today I am releasing my book on Rituals. There are over 20 different rituals and some of them are about:

  • Acknowledging love
  • Motherhood ritual
  • Fartherhood ritual
  • Relationship rituals
  • Rituals for connecting with nature
  • Everyday rituals
  • Embracing death
  • Rituals for initiating
  • Rituals for renewal and rituals for connecting with your body and intuition

So, I have been working with my company since I graduated and I love the process of being in a constant flow of rest, reflection, action and evaluation. A circle of continuous exploration.

What is important for you in your job?

It is important for me to do something that makes me come alive and that I know brings value to the world.

When I created my job I really wanted to lead my own life, designing my own days, when and how I wanted to work, with whom and where I wanted to work.

Flexibility has been a huge success criteria for me, having the possibility to work from wherever I wanted. Now I can do my sessions from anywhere online and my book can be sold without me having to be at a certain place in time.

I decide when and where I work, and that’s a freedom that makes my life more meaningful.

I never really saw myself as a leader and I know now that it was because of how I perceived how a leader should be

What major learnings would you point out from your experience that have shaped you as a leader?

I would say that I have grown into being a leader. I never really saw myself as a leader and I know now that it was because of how I perceived how a leader “should” be.

Finding my own way of being a leader, first and foremost for myself, then others, really was something I learned at the Kaospilot school. Exploring my strengths and weaknesses and how to work with my potential.

Being a leader doesn’t necessarily mean standing in the front line, it also means holding people and nurturing the potentials within the people you work with.

What is your biggest source for inspiration right now?

Right now I am pregnant and that holds a lot of inspiration! Our bodies are incredibly intelligent and I am amazed everyday by how it “just” grows this new human being, without me telling it what to do.

I am overall deeply inspired by the intelligence of nature, and how the 3.8 billion years of experience nature has really is a huge source for us humans to learn from, our greatest mentor I would say.

What would be an example of a learning or an experience from your time at Kaospilot that has been important to you?

The overall power of the school’s community and learning spaces are just amazing. The way we learn at the school, the interactive, the participatory, the explorative, the risk taking, the adapting to change mentality. It’s so important to learn how to live in a world that is constantly changing. Being calm to go into a storm. That’s really how I felt in my last year at the school. There was no one I didn’t dare to talk to, nothing that held me back to do whatever I wanted to do. I had this sense of humble fearlessness and I just powered through with conscious actions toward my vision. And feeling that power of self leadership, and the deep knowing that the reality I live in is the reality I create, is immensely powerful and something that I still practice today.

What is a piece of advice that you would like to give future Kaospilot graduates?

I have 3 advices:

  1. To deeply know that perfectionism doesn’t exist and that when you let go of the idea that something needs to be perfect you start to flow into a space of movement, of creativity, of initiation and meaningful creation.
  2. Asking for help is a strength! Everyone starts somewhere and there is already so much knowledge and intelligence to draw from when diving into a new learning space.
  3. Remember to give yourself some slack. Take some deep slow breaths and know that you already hold most of the answers in yourself when it comes to how you thrive and what you thrive on doing.

I would also suggest you buy my book(s) if you are curious to learn more about my way of living and my perspective on how to live a meaningful life.

Learn more here:

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