christmasgreeting_kaospilot2017_webThis year our Christmas card takes us back 25 years, with a picture of our very first logo. This has been changed a few times since. Read about the reason for this, at the bottom of this page.


The year is coming to a close. And the Christmas spirit is filling our senses as we start to reflect upon the year that went by. This year has been very special for us as we celebrated our 25th anniversary. Alumni and friends joined from near and far to mark the event with us.

2016 has also been the year where a new curriculum was introduced for the three year Kaospilot education, an award for organisations that shows the way towards inclusiveness and future work platforms was launched, as well as our new executive program – Leadershift.


Together with new and old friends and through exciting projects we had the opportunity to look to the past and the future.
We have had 25 years of history that we have been writing together, a journey that made us into who we are today and a journey that is still in the making.


We are looking ahead, being hopeful, ready and courageous.


Hopeful about the future that we are creating together. Ready to work with more inclusive, compassionate and sustainable communities. Courageous in introducing new standards for education that inspire heads, hearts and hands.


Without your support we would not be possible – thank you.


Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2017



KAOSPILOT historical logo timeline


1991: The first logo was to stand for a pioneering spirit and a dare devil. Unfortunately we soon discovered, that this was not a politically correct one.


2006: For good reasons our first logo was replaced by another pioneer and cult figure within the women’s movement. Beryl Markham was well known as an aviator and adventurer, and she was one the inspirations behind the new symbol for our school.


2013:  It was time to rethink Kaospilot’s visual identity. We needed something clean and bold which offered a more open space for the new generation of Kaospilots, to express themselves within.