For the first time in its history, the school has changed location. We have moved from Mejlgade to our new home at the harbour. It has been a major change but it has also opened up lots of possibilities.


A move like this is a transition. Our old place holds so many stories; new ideas have evolved in those old buildings, decisions have been made, parties have been held and people from all over the world have visited us there.


But even if the move is emotional, it is also filled with hope. Our new place on the harbour, the Movie City (http://www.filmbyaarhus.dk/), will in the next few years become will be a hub for the creative industries. It is a story in the making, and we are helping to write it.


For this we are grateful. We all look forward to continuing to fulfill our visions, dreams and hopes at the Movie City, Aarhus.


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