For all kaospilots the Outpost is a key part of the education. Living, studying and working in an environment far from home opens up a new world that each kaospilot gets to make their own.

For Kaospilot alumni Tobias Kjærside the Outpost lasted a lot longer than the normal four months. During his time in Colombia he fell in love with the country and the opportunities for growth and development. His mind never really left, and now he is moving back to work and live there.



Travelling for learning 


All second year students at Kaospilot go on what is called an Outpost for four months in a country outside of Scandinavia. The purpose of the Outpost is to develop the students’ learning process. They have to use their skills in an environment that challenges their concepts of society, economy and culture. In this process they work with local partners and create local projects to get new ideas and perspectives.


When Tobias went on the Outpost three years ago the team was in Bogotá in Colombia. It was love at first sight, and the relationship with Bogotá soon became serious.


-       It simply makes me happy being there and it makes me believe that everything is possible. I see potential, and there is so much growth.

There is a constant eagerness in people and a striving to make things happen. The economy and creative industry is moving so fast at the moment and at the same time there is a challenge with the mindset and culture being somewhat “mañana mañana”. There is a huge potential for someone who can enter and start engaging in the potential of the creative industry.


Now the kaospilot has been offered a job through the network he created while he studied and worked in Bogotá and he is moving back to Colombia.

The job is to co-develop the local branding and communication company called DDK STUDIO and among other things Tobias is going to work with consultancy for Danish companies who want to export to Colombia.


-       My job is to enter, verify and evaluate on the design processes and at the same time I will be doing consultancy, teaching, workshop facilitation, and leadership sparring, just as I do in Denmark with my kaospilot background. But this time in Spanish.



Embracing the Outpost


Tobias learned some Spanish while he was on the Outpost. His best advice to people who are going on the Outpost is to embrace it with all it offers of language, culture and new friends. The most important though, as cheesy as it might seem, is:


- Have fun!

We all take it in differently and I think the Outpost has this beautiful way of levelling the team somehow. Kaospilot is an international school, and the Outpost takes all of the Danish students out of a culture that they are used to. It puts every person in the team in a different and new context that we all have to deal with somehow.


- I just embraced it, had a lot of fun and decided to make the most of whatever I did. I set myself the goal before I left to spend half of my time with Colombians to make sure to learn some Spanish and get to know the culture. I wanted to extract as much as I could – both on the personal and professional level.


All students had a local buddy who helped with practical things, language and networking. Tobias’ buddy and his crew are now his best friends in Bogotá.



Teaching the Kaospilot way in Bogotá


After the Outpost Tobias went back to Denmark before he once again left for Bogotá to do his final project at Kaospilot. The project was to create a learning space on street level to make knowledge accessible to everyone. On the side he started teaching about creative processes and design processes in Spanish at local universities and smaller schools.


- I talked to the professors a lot about the methodology of kaospilots, of learning by doing and extracting learning from reflection and practice.


And when he went there for holidays this spring the job offer came from one of the professors.


Despite Tobias’ love for Colombia the move from Denmark is not easy. Tobias has worked in the start up environment of Aarhus as a business owner, consultant and entrepreneur for the past five years, and is one of three partners in the creative agency Paraiso.


-       Leaving is the tough part about it. It wasn’t easy to tell my business partners and family that I am leaving, and at the same time it was just too hard to say no to go back to Bogotáfor work and create something together with my new colleagues.



Inspiring change


Most kaospilots have an urge to make a difference and for Tobias he feels that Colombia is a place where he can really do that.

- I want to inspire change and development. That is the reason why I said yes to work with the company in Bogotá – I see a potential in developing and building up something that is bigger than myself. At the same time I also see great potential for my professional and personal growth working there.