Abrella’s vision is to make Aarhus the best city in the world when it rains. We aim to do so through offering people the opportunity to lend free umbrellas in shops and other hotspots, in Aarhus. We believe that through providing people a dry and safe space, on rainy days, we enable people to make their own decisions no matter the limits rain usually creates. Potentially leading people to stay in the city and enjoy its various offers.
Abrella offers a unique and free service to Aarhus visitors and shops. In collaboration with shops, the municipality, the City Union, and companies, we strive towards creating a more vibrant urban life on rainy days.


Everything is 100% financed through advertising, leaving no expenses for the consumers or shops. It is our belief that marketing should be done with a purpose of creating value for the consumers. Using our service as a channel for marketing empowers a company’s brand, as it is part of creating meaningful value for the users.


Professionally, what are the most important things you have learned, as a result of carrying out this project?

I’ve learned to build and execute a concept and create a business around it. I’ve learned to lead people in a new field to achieve results. I’ve also learned that the most powerful tool is my gut feeling.


What are the most important things that you have learned, about yourself, as a result of carrying out this project?

I’ve learned that I should focus on my strengths and let others do what I cannot.
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