For my final project, at Kaospilot, I have explored engagement processes, within large multi-stakeholder development projects. As a professional Kaospilot, I want to facilitate and design engagement processes to develop and sustain ownership, within our society. My pilot project has taken me through the first steps on this path, and it is with great satisfaction that I now stand on a fundament from which I can expand this profession further.


Engagement processes are currently very trendy, within public development projects, mainly because Denmark has a big and very expensive public sector. Engaging citizens to address societal challenges has both economic and social sustainability potential, which can reduce costs of implementation in the long run.


I seek to fulfill the need of developing new solutions to societal challenges by engaging citizens, using innovative change processes that create improved solutions and lower costs.


For my pilot project I have supported development
processes in the municipality of Tønder, which aim to create jobs and growth, in the region, through supporting entrepreneurship and business-life.


Professionally, what are the most important things you have learned, as a result of carrying out this project?

I have truly learned a lot from my work at Idéklubben and I still find myself in the learning phase, where new reflections pop up when I least expect it.


One big thing I have learned is to navigate different context levels, within my work.
As I have worked within a smaller system, Idéklubben, which functions within a bigger system, Idéakademiet, which strives towards a big agenda of job creation and growth of southern Jutland, I have seen how all the levels, within the context, are interdependent. This interdependency requires a certain flow of information and thus communication, which I believe I understand better now.

Another aspect of this interdependency was demonstrated as the different context levels were constantly in transformation and affected the other levels. Leading results forward in a platform like this has demanded constant coping to new situations and very flexible design structures, which I believe I now master.



What are the most important things that you have learned, about yourself, as a result of carrying out this project?

I guess the most important thing I have learned, this year, is that I am competent to take on a professional life after graduating as a Kaospilot.
I remember observing the 3rd year students graduate after my first year and thinking that this school must be the scariest place to graduate from. We are educated as generalists and have skills to do so much that it sometimes can come across as nothing. But I actually feel the opposite. I feel that I can create my own job, and sell myself with the confidence that I provide value, and this is a great feeling to bring with me as I leave the educational system.
Another thing I want to emphasize that builds on a new professional life is, that I have learned to network.
Standing on my own, this year, has forced me to build and create new relations over and over again. This has been a great practice and I now see networking as a big skill of mine.

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