With the help of the Kaospilots, company leaders, entrepreneurs and representatives of commercial and educational institutions will be joining Haderslev Business Council to develop a new enterprise policy for Haderslev Municipality – at the Skrydstrup military airbase.

Ideas can come from anywhere, but concepts need to be developed and curated. A wide variety of tools and methodologies can be used, but the surrounding context also plays a crucial part. So, why not get the adrenalin pumping at the same time as the brain is spinning with great ideas?

The Kaospilots are now working with Fighter Wing Skrydstrup’s F-16 fighters and other aircraft to create a unique experience as part of a development process for Haderslev Municipality (

On the 12th September invited leaders, entrepreneurs and representatives from all over the country will come to Skrydstrup to work out new and ambitious policies within the area of enterprise and business.

More on this controversial event to come soon!