This week lots of playful people will join the Counterplay Festival that takes place at Kaospilot.  We caught Head of the festival, Mathias Poulsen, for a chat while he was getting things ready for the festival.




- It is a huge help that we can use the Kaospilot premises to host the festival. And it is nice that we can do it with someone who shares our playful attitude to problem solving and design thinking, says Mathias Poulsen.


The Counterplay Festival is for playfull learning, playfull organisations and playfull culture.


- I want to bring people together who work in different fields, both organisations who use play in their strategic work, professionals who use it in teaching and in culture. The festival is a place to explore both how concrete games can be used in learning, and how being playful can make us more creative and develop our imagination to better solve problems.


- It is also for people who just like to play. I think it is important for people to play, it is part of our nature. And then maybe you can use it in your work too, says Mathias Poulsen.


Kaospilot principal, Christer Windeløv-Lidzelius, is happy to have the festival at Kaospilot.


- It makes great sense for Kaospilot to be partners of an international festival that focuses on how playfulness can play a role in education and learning. It is part of our nature to explore new ways of integrating play in education and to take part in projects that aim to change the field of learning, says Christer Windeløv-Lidzelius.


- We are excited to have Counterplay at our school, and we wish all participants a great festival, says Christer Windeløv-Lidzelius.


The festival will take place April 9th – 11th 2015 at Kaospilot and Filmbyen. There will be different workshops, speaches, and lots of opportunities to play, both online and offline.