Explore the Kaospilot approach to transformational education design and methodology leading to the design of two or three concept curriculum frameworks to inspire new courses or existing programs.

This two-day course is only offered as a closed course within educational institutions, where the participants should include multiple faculties, leadership and current & past students.

Following part #1, you can choose between 2 options for part 2 depending on your needs. All parts are designed to be taken independently and are not pre-requisites to one another.




  • Cross faculty creative processes and time to explore the foundations of learning
  • A greater understanding of the components of transformational education
  • Introduction to team based leadership and innovation as a learning experience
  • Communication and feedback skills using appreciative inquiry
  • Reflection and personal development exercises
  • Explore the potential for heightening soft skills/attitudes and mindset within education
  • Kaospilot education design model and how to design a detailed framework and concept for transformational education
  • An introduction to learning arches and student’s engagement through transparent learning strategies, experiences and feed-forward
  • Learn about what drives the Kaospilot students and what we can take to anchor engagement among your students



  • A framework of a curriculum that can be taken forward by your group (with KP support if you wish), broken down to component titles, aim, objective, knowledge, skills and attitudes, new forms of success criteria and measurement, students capacity and competency measurement, marketing inspiration & keywords.
  • An exercise booklet for facilitators of learning spaces which contains all exercises from the workshop and support notes for how to execute in your own practice.
  • A Toolbox of all methods shown during the workshop plus others to help hack your curriculum and track your personal development



Day 1

  • Experiential learning – The participants will work and explore as teachers, students and pioneers
  • Focus and experience alternative learning methodologies that lead to attitudinal mindset development
  • Experience the importance of reflection and soft skills/attitudes and mindset.
  • Introduction to problem based learning or learning by doing and start developing the concept for a new course


Day 2

  • Continue the focus on education and component design.
  • Explore how to design education that delivers equally on skills, knowledge and attitudes.
  • Explore how to design learning experiences / journeys using the KP learning arches leading to greater transparency and engagement with students
  • Work on next steps and personal commitment



Start & sustain a passionate drive towards rethinking education within the current restraints of governmental, financial and accreditation pressures. Engage both staff and students in the co – development of learning practices and environments that will heighten the potential for professional development of your staff and the personal and transformational education of your students.


An institution which is proactive and not reactive, working more effectively with 21st century learners and the complexity and uncertainty inherent in today’s world. Through oppening to and supporting new interpretations of your curricula, slowly develop, practice and implement new pedagogical strategies that value our contemporary “knowledge society” rather than the “industrial age” ways of teaching.


The working definition of facilitation that we like, will focus, explore and which represents how we facilitate and utilize team based learning at the Kaospilot is supported by Tom Justice and David Jamieson “… what needs to be done; who needs to be involved; design, flow, and sequence of tasks; communications patterns, effectiveness, and completeness; appropriate levels of participation and the use of resources; group energy, momentum, and capability; the physical and psychological environment.”




As a European teacher or educational institution who is traveling to the KAOSPILOT for this program, you may be entitled to apply for Erasmus+, in particular E+ Grants. Please go to your national agency to get more info about this.



The course talks about the core thought-processes and attitudes that an educator should have. Its democratic and the creative process is great for today’s youth that need a more progressive and liberating way of learning.


Sabrina, Leaderonomics Campus, Malaysia


What has surprised me the most is that when we came back the last time the last group had a common experience which was sometime painful because what happens in the group is sometimes very personal and painful, but they have so much energy. Now there is no “walls” to someone else in another department anymore. They see each other a lot more and they share a common language. It surprised me that on such a short notice that could happen

Marike Lammers: Honours Program Manager at Saxion | University of Applied Sciences in Holland


‘This workshop was one of the best investments I’ve made for the course and for me professionally. Its impact was both immediate and long lasting and everyone who took part has been empowered by learning that we experienced over two intensive days, inspired by both the material and the way in which it is shared. Quite simply, it develops your mindset to embrace change and brings joy back into the learning experience for both staff and students!’


Jessica Bowles, CENTRAL, Principal Lecturer and Course Leader, Creative Producing.