Continue the exploration of the Kaospilot approach to transformational education design, methodology and frameworks for creating engaging learning journeys and experiences.

This workshop allows for a very detailed and creative exploration of the learning journey for any new or current program or curriculum where the pursuit of skills, knowledge and attitudes can be (re)packaged to increase the engagement, bandwidth for risk, creativity & innovation for both staff and students.

This two-day course is only offered as a closed course within educational institutions, where the participants should include multiple faculties, leadership and ideally current & past students.


Part 2 supports and follows on from part 1 All parts are designed to be taken independently and are not pre-requisites to one another, even when it’s too late and the curriculum has already been developed!





  • Cross faculty creative processes and time to explore the foundations for change on an institutional level.
  • Explore the potential for heightening soft skills/attitudes and mindset within education
  • Greater exploration of the Kaospilot learning arches for creating transparency and engaging students & staff lead collaboration within the disciplines present.
  • Learn more about the Kaospilot program, methodology and approach in creating a community of practice and learning where students feel engaged, challenged, seen and supported to take risk.
  • Explore more concrete methods for how to set, hold and land learning arches and modules.
  • Harvest all the potential learning in (real) projects for skills, knowledge and attitudes to support personal and professional development through feedback and reflection.
  • Explore how to anchor experiments in your programs and test, share.
  • Navigating the academic mindsets and current school frames ti support promote a new approach



New ideas and practical methods for anchoring (setting, holding and landing) skills, knowledge & attitudes – weaving the hidden curriculum with any program or discipline.

  • Increased engagement, comprehension and ownership of staff and students for the program and all its parts and by creating a design & development team.
  • A detailed plan and facilitator notes for setting and holding the learning space or key periods like boot-camps or induction weeks etc.
  • Develop a process for anchoring and sharing new practices within the institution whilst building a community of practice.
  • Learn a methodology for how to create motivating learning experiences
  • A module by module and week by week representation of the skills, knowledge and attitudes to be explored and the methods for how to set, hold, land and build a red thread and a highly detailed ‘big picture’ and overview for the entire learning journey and experience for a given period, program or curriculum.
  • A high-resolution pdf file portraying the entire final learning arch with all text inc. methods, ideas and content explored during the workshop represented. This is ideal for building on, sharing and anchoring with other colleagues and students in order to implement successfully.



Day 1: 

  • Set the stage and meet the team
  • Create the Semester overview and build Learning arches XXX-large
  • Skills, knowledge & attitudes revisited
  • KP METHODS #1 – Inspiration and ‘wise’ practice from the KP 3 year program and its learning journey revealed!
  • Implement into learning arches in the 1st semester or 1st year and continue building


Day 2: 

  • Explore the learning outcome and how to implement the “attitude” and “hidden curriculum” as competence goals in each theme
  • KP METHODS #2 -Transformational and authentic learning experience design – How the KP package the pursuit of knowledge.
  • Implement into learning through hotspots, guidance and interventions
  • Production of simultaneous tasks for implementation: examples could be: 1) Establish a methodology of how to create motivating learning processes using the learning arches for future design, 2) Process guide to support the facilitation and running of the, 3) Design ‘Set the stage’ for Overall program – bootcamp week etc, 4) Design a roll-out process and next steps for implementing, anchoring and sharing (ownership) the program and this approach to educating.




As a European teacher or educational institution who is traveling to the KAOSPILOT for this program, you may be entitled to apply for Erasmus+, in particular E+ Grants. Please go to your national agency to get more info about this.



Simon at the Kaospilot facilitated a workshop on how to implement a new curriculum with focus on action-based learning, cross-disciplinary learning and development of personal competences. We are very satisfied with the outcome.

Dorthe Bohlbro, Education Director, Aarhus Entrepreneur Academy, Denmark


Recognising that the professional field requires a new set of competencies from our students, including critical and human centered thinking, creativity, tech-savviness and an entrepeneurial mindset, the faculty of communication and journalism is in a major transformation of its educational programmes.


The Kaospilot workshop broadened our perspective on educational practice and empowered the team in its commitment towards change. We developed modules to elicit the hidden curriculum in the new programmes by creating safe to fail environments where students can explore, take risks and reflect in order to develop deep learning


Jelke de Boer and Caroline Maessen, De faculteit Communicatie en Journalistiek (FCJ) van de Hogeschool Utrecht