Expedition Cape Town



Innovation needs creativity and creativity needs new perspectives, imagination, intuition and insight. What feeds it all, is INSPIRATION. Join the Kaospilots in Cape Town and explore and be inspired by its vibrant culture and diversity, its exponential growth and the radical change within social and private realms.



Great media companies are always hunting for inspiration and originality. Explore and find ‘it’ with a cross section of media experts, local players and 50 Kaospilots students (on outpost) in the microcosm of the world that is Cape Town, where the 3rd and 1st worlds covering the major ethinc groups live together.


The visits throughout the exploration tour will consist of thought provoking conversations and urban investigations. We will support you in anchoring this inspiration towards innovating your ideas, business, vision, processes and organisation.


The programme will work on several levels to deliver a powerful and uniquely designed learning experience. The programme allows for personal development as part of an integrated learning journey which builds on over 15 years from the Kaospilots’ executive leadership & entrepreneurial education, to inspire new perspectives leading to more developed ideas, scenarios, action and innovations.



– Explore the creative industries and many incubator spaces such as the Woodstock & workshop 17

– Meet local journalists & media experts, creatives, change-makers & entrepreneurs from the broad spectrum of the creative industries

– Meet the CPH goodwill ambassador and director of ‘Cape capacity”.

– Business leaders from a variety of industries and how they are dealing with innovation, scalability and leadership.

– Futurists and cultural analysts

– Rock City Foundation, creative consultants

– Visit some new-media orgs, like Mahala and the Center for investigative journalism

– Visit a Township and join the ‘missolies’

– Youth entrepreneurship and the activate group

– Local expert in re-authoring and powerful narratives

– Digital Communications experts


The trip will include cultural sites like Robben Island, Table Mountain, Cape Point, a wine farm, District 6 museum and the biscuit mill market.


African Innovation. Global Conversation. We will explore:

-How SA is influenced by Europe and explore what we can learn from them (see who we will meet above)

The unique culture & experience strong social and human values unfolding

– The future as a knowledge-based economy and how they will create a culture of innovation in Cape Town.


Today For Tomorrow We will explore:

– Sustainable solutions for people and planet

– Explore how creativity within areas from IT to Business  is shaping the future of Cape Town

The impact of media on the South African society and its youth

– Explore the rising creative industries and entrepreneurial mindset on the commercial and social levels

– The effect of corruption on the welfare state

– Get a taste for the future possibilities in South Africa


Bridging The Divide through design. We will explore:

– How design is reconnecting Cape Town and reconciling communities.

– Insights to the challenges facing Cape Town with a large legacy of social divides and the actions to heal them and build social and economic inclusion

– The value of design thinking in general and as a tool for social, cultural and economic development.


Beautiful Spaces. Beautiful Things We will explore:

The need for responsible creativity & Sustainable solutions

– The incredible city and surrounding nature

– Inspiring craft, art and creativity



“The whole tour was well organised and very well lead by nice, skilled and experienced people and tour leaders from The Kaospilots. They packaged a high level of information and gave us access to some very interesting speakers, with some challenging and alternative current and futuristic perspectives…” Creative Consultant

“We have chosen to work with Kaospilots because they have a great network in Cape Town, and because they have an interesting approach to creating experiences and learning processes.”
Public Accountant, Denmark.