Innovation needs creativity and creativity needs new perspectives, imagination, intuition and insight. What feeds it all, is INSPIRATION.



Great media companies are always hunting for inspiration and originality. On this expedition, you will embark on a learning journey together with a cross section of highly skilled media experts through the rapidly changing and unique metropolis that is Shanghai. Here, you will meet thought leaders, risk takers, new organisations and business practices whilst being immersed within the Shanghai culture. The visits throughout the exploration tour will consist of presentations, thought provoking conversations and urban investigations.


We will study the impact of inspiration on business and support you in anchoring this inspiration towards innovating your organization, vision and direction.



The programme will work on several levels to delver a powerful and uniquely designed learning experience, allowing for personal development as part of an integrated learning journey, which builds on over 15 years from the Kaospilots’ executive leadership & entrepreneurial education, which inspires new perspectives leading to more developed ideas, scenarios, action and innovations.


– What If Innovation, they develop invent new products, brands, services, and business models

– Calvin Chin, Fast Company magazine’s 100 Most Creative People In Business and Social media analyst

– Mette Knudsen, former chief Consultant at the Confederation of Danish Industry for Asia, now freelance

– Soren Matz is a global interior design and furniture manufacturing firm based out of Shanghai

– Marina Guo, former Director of Int’l Affairs at the Research

Center for Creative Industries, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and currently director of int. affairs at the Shanghai Theatre academy

– Aaron Marsich is currently the Asia Regional Director at VNC Cocktails. He has over 12 years of experience within 12 different Asian markets and has amassed great experience of working with Business Development & Research, Channel analysis, Market entry, Marketing and activation strategies.

– Steve Koon, specialises in strategic management of high potentials for multinationals in China such as Coca-Cola

– Richard Hsu, formerly founder of Wieden+Kennedyʼs China office for Nike, and now runs h+ branding where his focus is on brand and creative talent development.

– Shanghai daily (editor and organizational visit)

– Joy Wang, marketing expert and consultant

– JWT and other global advertising agencies

– Bing Zhu – Shanghai Kaospilot alumni

– Gallery visits, fresh restaurants and other cultural attractions

Idea couture in Shanghai (young global innovation & service design company)



– China as a market (buyer, manufacturer, regulation and its potential as a new market and how it works)

– China as an exporter (from cost leader to created in China and the rise of the creative industries and Hubs)

– China as a media Mecca (current and future trends in China from design and software regulation to media control)

– Learn from the rapidly growing “underground” of entrepreneurs, creative innovators and artists in Shanghai.

– The media trends in a rapidly growing city with a rapidly growing middle class.

– How to stay inspired and inspire others in transforming this tour into new forms of creative management and leadership for the media industry



“The whole tour was well organised and very well lead by nice, skilled and experienced people and tour leaders from The Kaospilots. They packaged a high level of information and gave us access to some very interesting speakers, with some challenging and alternative current and futuristic perspectives…”

Creative Consultant

Kaospilots makes it possible for us to gain knowledge and create relationships through a personal experience of China….We have chosen to work with KaosPilots because they have a great network in China, and because they have an interesting approach to creating experiences and learning processes.”

Henrik Brüning, partner and chairman of BDO Certified Public Accountants Denmark.