Robert Fortunato

President, ForStrategy Consulting, Inc.

Lectures on the systematic approach to leadership, strategy, innovation and client development.  Has also taken inspiration from the KaosPilot on his multiple award winning Green Idea House, a case study retrofit of his family’s home that is Net Zero Energy and Zero Carbon.


Chené Swart

Narrative coach, trainer and facilitator at Transformations Lectures on the narrative approach as a way to help change individuals’, teams’ and organizations’ problem stories into narratives of possibility.

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Genevieve Ennis Hume

Principal at Hume Atelier.

Instructor at the University of British Columbia.

Lectures on intercultural communication.

Andrew Taggart


Philosophical Counselor

Lectures on the art of philosophical inquiry and converses regularly with Kaos Pilots students and staff about the things that matter most.


Ian Prinsloo

Founder of the Rehearsal Process – a consulting practice that applies Theatre practices to business challenges. Lectures on developing the ensemble relationship within groups to foster creativity / innovation and how this relationship fuels a process of creation. Is also helping to explore the craft and practice of being a Kaospilot.

Visit Ian here: www.rehearsalprocess.com

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Bliss Browne

Carol Sanford

Carol Sanford has worked business and organisations, for 42 years. Sha has laid the foundation for hundreds of ideas that are later adopted via her education clients and spread across industries.

She has three award winning, best selling and highly respected books on the practicality of living systems thinking and consciousness at work.

Her company, Carol Sanford Institute, has researched and designed education based on Sanford’s experience and findings. Always using frameworks and reflection to assess and design responsibility for all stakeholders by way of seeing the effects before and during, and soon to be after, taking action.

She is adjunct faculty at Kaospilot University in Denmark, Babson College, UW of Washington, and lectures at 4-5 universities around the world annually; she speaks at a dozen more very large events both public and private. Sha has five TEDx talks that have extensive views.

Learn more about Carol online:

Books and speaking

Corporate regenerative business education

Individual and company members offerings

Summit and Prize info


Twitter: @carolsanford

LinkedIn: carolsanfordspeaks

Facebook: carolsandfordauthor


Keith McCandless, MMHS (Masters in Management)

Co-founder, Social Invention Group & Liberating Structures (LS)

Keith is the co-author of “The Surprising Power of Liberating Structures – Simple Rules to Unleash a Culture of Innovation”. In a diverse array of public and private organisations, Keith helps people take on complex challenges. He has guided the launch of innovation initiatives in Health, education, science and business across Latin America, Europe, Canada and the USA. Keith specialises in unleashing everyone to work at the top of their collective intelligence and imagination. With Kaospilots, Keith is mutually shaping a distributed way of organising “class operations”. Liberating Structures are tapped to include and unleash every voice in shaping next steps.

Kasper Arentoft

Market Director, Mannaz Consulting International

Lectures on project management, innovation and personal leadership – as well as sparring and “hands-on approach” to student projects- and initiatives. Combining the professional experience from market and key clients with inspiration and new input from the Kaospilots and the students… hopefully to the benefit for all involved.

Kasper is a Kaospilot from Team 3.


Morten Nottelman

Nicolas Arroyo & Rune Toldam

Sigrid Jakobsen

Ditte Graa Wulff

Founder of Mødehuset/Meet Better, a company specialising in the dynamics of internal meetings. Ditte delivers training and tools to leaders and organisations who wish to create more valuable meetings and processes. She is widely experienced in the field of facilitation and leadership.
Ditte works with the students on building strong facilitation skills and also takes part in evaluation of their exam projects. She also works with the Kaospilot on selected client assignments involving strategy and process design. 
Ditte is Kaospilot alumni.
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dittewulff/
Web: www.meet-better.com

Dougald Hine

Co-founder, The Dark Mountain Project

Lectures on how to find our bearings in times of deep uncertainty and how to create projects tha stay alive.

Visit Dougald here:www.dougald.nu

Zaid Hassan

Abdul Dube

Lykke Meyer Jacobsen