What are the requirements to get into the KAOSPILOT school?

To be admitted to the program, you have to possess the will to overcome challenges. You have to commit to working hard. You have to be willing to take risks. And most importantly: you have to be yourself. You need to contribute with what you are, and find a way to bring out the best in you, dedicating yourself to achieving excellence personally and academically while being a part of your team, both before and after graduation.


How do I enter the program?

You must complete the written application, which includes a broad range of questions, and a creative assignment.
The creative assignment differs from year to year but generally involves creating a video.


70 to 80 potential students will be selected based on the application forms and invited to an Application Workshop. The workshop runs over two days.

How do I know if this education is for me?

The education is suitable for a variety of different purposes, whether you want to work with projects within a variety of industries, people, business, or build your own company. People that apply have very different backgrounds and aspirations, and throughout the education they both broaden their horizons and have a chance to help define what specific areas they want to focus on to create the best education for each individual.


What kind of certificate will I get when I graduate?

You will get to use the Kaospilot title and receive a diploma from the school. It is a certificate, which states what you have learned and done throughout the three years and what grades you have been given. You will not receive a Bachelors certificate.


Will I be able to continue my studies at a university when I have graduated?

The program is neither a bachelor’s nor a master’s program. In order to continue your studies you have to convert your grades and exam papers. It is not guaranteed that the universities will accept it, however, some Kaospilot graduates have been granted access to higher education afterwards.


What will I be able to do when I have graduated?

When you graduate from the KaosPilots, perhaps most importantly you should have an idea of your own worth, your competencies and what you want to do in life. You will have gained knowledge and skills within our three domains: Business Design, Process Design, and Project Design, and you will be able to apply these to your life and work after the education.

Each student from the Enterprising Leadership Program will bring these qualities with him or her, but it will differ greatly how the individual has chosen to focus his or her energy within the program, and as such also what kind of jobs he or she wants to hold after the program.


What do Kaospilot Enterprising Leaders do when they have graduated?

They do very different things. Around 97% are in some sort of employment; about one third start their own company, one third choose to work for private companies, and one third go on to work for NGOs or public organisations.


Living and studying in Denmark

Study in Denmark (link: is a great site for getting more information about living and working in Denmark, travel and transport and practical situations.