A final project at Kaospilot has turned into a flourishing business during the third year at the school. Sacha Julie Bechtle used her green fingers to build a business that turns interior designing upside down, and sparks green life into office spaces and homes.


Sacha Bechtle Plukk


Final project becomes flourishing business by turning plants upside down

When Sacha Julie Bechtle was in Cape Town as part of her education at Kaospilot she saw something that caught her eye and made her green fingers itch. She was on the Outpost in South Africa when she first spotted potted plants hanging down from the ceiling in a cube bound together by moss and string. She found out that this way of decorating rooms with hanging plants originates from Japan, and she started making some herself.


-     I grew up on an organic farm and I have always had green fingers, tells Sacha.


Therefore it is also important for her that the plants are made of 95 per cent compostable material, and sustainability is a red thread through the business concept.


Sacha graduated from Kaospilot just this spring. When she was to begin her final project at the school it became the start of her flourishing business that she calls Plukk.


It took some time before she really believed that she actually had a viable business model. Yet, as the concept grew so did her faith in the project.


-       I would never have been able to do it without the competences and the network that I have taken with me from Kaospilot. The three-year education has given me the courage, the belief and the faith that this can actually come true, says Sacha.


Plukk has indeed come true and Sacha sells plants to both private customers and office spaces.



Hængeplanter_Sacha Julie Bechtle_01



-       The plants can create better air quality in office spaces and it is also beneficial for the psychological working environment to work in green surroundings, says Sacha.


She has made workshops for others who also want to learn how to create the hanging potted plants.


-       For those who work with the plants it creates joy to have soil and plants between the hands. It is scientifically proven that the body then releases substancesthat are good for your mood, says Sacha.


Her company builds upon a clear value.


-       Plukk is not just a new way of keeping plants or a new product. It is also a way of encouraging and inspiring people to integrate plants in the indoor spaces we live and work in. Not only are the plants beautiful, they are also important for both the air quality and our wellbeing, says Sacha.

Many have discovered her floating plants and she can no longer keep up with the demand on her own. The newest development in her business is that her fellow Kaospilot student, Andreas Frandsen, has joined the business.



Text by Lotte Rystedt, journalist at Kaospilot 




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