Since three years team 22 has journeyed through the hills and valleys of a learning process at Kaospilot.


They have now reached new beginnings, after completing their final year.

This is a teaser of the graduates’ learning through their projects and beyond:

From sharing economies to digital platforms, blue ocean strategies to business, the Lean-way to sustainable clothing-platforms.

From sound-waves to deep conversations about belonging and love.

From feminism and witchery to politics and alternative medicines.

From knowledge-sharing to bringing nature back into our lives.

From self-leadership to cultivating and preserving farmland for future generations. From the personal fire to the world’s need, with conscious impact and value as the focus.

And so much more…
To you the visitor, thank you for lending your ears and participating in the exhibition of their work.
It has been a beautiful experience!


William – a grateful witness to a team’s learning.



Karim Aissa



behandlr is a digital platform that aims to create a more holistic approach to healthcare, therapy and prevention. The primary goal is to make it easier, faster and more accessible to find treatment that fits you are a human being, based on your personality, lifestyle, beliefs, symptoms, diagnosis, and more. In psychological therapies alone, are more than 60 different kinds of therapies. Do you need cognitive coaching or emotional therapy? It is a jungle. behandlr uses an algorithm to match people with therapies and therapists based on the parameters mentioned above.


What is the status?

The current focus is on developing the algorithm in collaboration with healthcare professionals.


The Need

We know that bad mental health, such as stress anxiety, depression, is a growing problem, and possibly the greatest current societal threat. New numbers show that 1 in 8 Danes suffer from some form of bad mental health, a number that increases steadily every day. If you do suffer from bad mental health, or know someone who does, you also know the difficulty of finding the right help for you.


Why did I choose this project?

I have experienced firsthand, for many years, the depths of bad mental health. I realize, as it is for many, that you never cure depression or anxiety, for example. Over time you get better and better at dealing with it, but it takes serious effort, attention, and energy to overcome – a process that undoubtedly is made easier by getting the proper help and care that fits the person you are. When it comes to health you simply cannot apply the one-size-fits-all approach. Due to the enormous amount of pressure on the healthcare system, the one-size-fits-all model is used in nearly all conventional medicine. There are hundreds of therapeutic options available, but if you are suffering from bad mental or physical health, you rarely have the energy figure out what is out there and what you need. I want to address this problem, and that is why I started behandlr.


Key Takeaways?

1. The value of collaboration and networking. This is the most important part of any project.


2.  What it takes to create and execute a project. The attention and dedication needed.


3.  I am very passionate about leadership and innovation processes.


What is next? 

I dream of taking my passion for leadership and innovation further, either with behandlr, by joining an existing organization, or creating a new business with my peers. I have a lot of ideas and visions, but at the moment I am truly enjoying being in the unknown.


My biggest challenge this year was… Working alone

My biggest surprise this year was… Never again

I am most proud of… The concept

I discovered that I am good at… Taking action

I need to work on… Networking

I dream about creating… Deeper meaning



Telephone:+45 23908823


Signe Hodde Gyldenberg Pedersen



Did you know, that there is no structures or frames that fosters interdisciplinary collaboration between students at the higher educational institutions in Denmark?


Based on my personal experience in the Danish educational system and from an experience of academically supporting a university student the seed for my third year was planted. The idea is anchored in the fields of sharing economy, platform development, business development and systemic thinking.


Splendour is a digital peer-to-peer economy platform that works to provide and facilitate the structures to enable students at higher educations to help and support each other during their years as students. Splendour will function as a bridge between institutions, faculties, fields of study and the external world and be the first national platform where students from all educations can meet and share their knowledge. We wish to give students the availability of exchanging knowledge in a format that supports both individuals while also supporting the dynamic learning process.


Splendour will work as a marketplace for knowledge searches for students to find help from a peer to arrange knowledge interactions outside the platform and provide the frames to access online communities. With these structures Splendour extends the students network and provides easy access to a knowledge bank. We believe that our solution will give the students the chance to take greater responsibility for their own learning as well as enable more peer-to-peer learning. Splendour wants to act in the interest of the students and all platform activities will be developed and initiated according to this principle.



In the process of developing the project I have kept a strict principle of developing the concept in close relation with the students. The information and data has been collected through questionnaires, interviews and multiple feedback loops and has made sure, that the service provides value and a solution to an actual need.


I was inspired to integrate the concept of knowledge sharing in my own work. I have learned that sharing the project and swop skills with externals, the target group and other relevant stakeholders provides the project with value and impact and has not only supported the project development with market research but also manifested itself in the establishment of a team.


In my work I created a workflow based on the Kaospilot disciplines.

The flow has circled around the following questions:


What does the project need?


What processes can and should be initiated?


What can I do for the benefit of Splendours development and establishment?



I hope to see ‘Splendour’ grow into the first nation wide peer-to-peer online community and scale to facilitate all study related activities like student jobs, internships, events etc.


My biggest dream is to experience Splendours growth and see it turn into a value creator in the students’ daily learning practices and professional development.


The future holds both questions and concerns about establishment, mainly focused around funding. In September 2018 we are launching the first beta version of Splendour.


My biggest challenge this year was… ownership negotiations.

My biggest surprise this year was… how many different areas of expertise I have had to learn and balance for the project to develop.

I am most proud of… the groundwork and establishment.

I discovered that I am good… at identifying needs and initiate activities to foster progress.

I need to work on… the future establishment

I dream about creating… the first interdisciplinary peer-to-peer platform in Denmark



Telephone :+45 60158692



Evelyn Rozmarie Haage



By looking at my character and what type of knowledge I have in combination of what is happening in the world around me, I decided to enter the field of natural disasters. In February I partnered up with Green Releaf in the Philippines to co-design and facilitate workshops, connect stakeholders and empower the affected communities. I designed and facilitated processes to support the organisational development for Green Releaf. Together we hosted two large group conversations in two post disaster areas. Upon these experiences I have developed my service and concept.


In post disaster there are several challenges. The major one seems to be a lack of systemic approach to a disaster and its aftermath. People who are the victim of the disasters have often traumatic experiences of what have happened that shapes their reality and path forward. While the officials from NGO, governments etc has another perspective and brings in their approach from their knowledge. Their reality differs, as they have not had a significant emotional attachment. It is with this mindset they are operating in disaster management. The difference in understandings, assumptions of the actual situation and the need can create islands and needs to be facilitated to bridge shared understanding. To isolate each potential won’t bring us forward, instead we need to invite for the conversations that brings the future closer.


If we listen to each others story and reality we build empathy and get a deeper understanding for the current problems. Together we can find areas of ownership and begin the build up after natural disasters.  My service is to set the space for these important interactions and dialogues. A space grounded in curiosity, respect and generosity. A space we connect, dream and act.



Based on the experiences from my internship and contact with the emergency architects in Philippines, I have produced a service for Post-Disaster Management. The objective is to bring the different stakeholders into a space for co-creating a healthier and more resilient community. Part of the objective is also to enable the community member be the driver for building its own future. The service consist of 6 steps about how the stakeholder dialogues can transform the foundation for a better future. To share differents perspectives and collectively build stronger, healthier and resilient communities is core. The aim is to use participatory approaches which opens up for clarity and were it will be possible to make sense of the current situation.


My biggest challenge this year was… time and purpose

My biggest surprise this year was… how easy it can be to reach a dream

I am most proud of… my networking skills

I discovered that I am good at… creating trust

I need to work on… creating a plan

I dream about creating… a platform for Post Disaster Processes (PDP)



Telephone :+46 769217285


Siri Hedevang



I strive to increase holistic health and to affect how we perceive and treat illnesses.


My project is an extension of my big passion for feelings, life and the body – and the interconnectedness of all these. Furthermore is it an extension of my passion for knowledge, learning and creating frames for people to gather around such.


KENDSKAB is the name of the concept and it is rooted in the health platform brobyggeri. KENDSKAB is events with the purpose of spreading awareness and knowledge of different types of treatments and providing tools for increased health.


Participants are presented to a specific type of treatment, communicated by the therapist providing it. The use of dialogue and reflection exercises increases the impact. Every event is followed by relevant material providing inspiration and tools for improved health. An additional intention with this concept is to start building a peaceful and professional bridge between alternative and conventional medicine. During an event you share perspectives on how this bridge can be built in Denmark and why it should/shouldn’t be build.


Topics of importance for my vision are research and knowledge of neuroscience, epigenetic, psychoneuroimmunology, integrative medicine, ancient wisdom, nature’s wisdom and the body’s incredibly intelligent mechanisms. I am hoping and aiming to see the best of science, knowledge and experience collaborate creatively into a health care system where you get offered a treatment, which will aid you from a holistic, biopsychosocial and integrative medical paradigm.



The process has for me been about identifying a need in society and realising a concept to try to solve and meet that need. I move between 1) awareness of a challenge to 2) knowledge of a need to 3) tools for solving it. This movement stimulates and challenges me. It grows me to learn how to do it and learn from doing it. It is essential that I have developed my competences within a warm community.


I have been working creatively – both physically and mentally. To move from the beginning to now I have constantly been balancing:


theoretical // practical

thinking // doing

ignorance // awareness

vision // concept

poetry // people


I have been walking, swimming, falling, grey, orange, dark purple… and been challenged making sense of all the people, interesting theory and all the needs present. I have attempted to steer my curiosity, research, ideas and finding a rhythm. I have met both self-doubt and doubt of what knowledge is. I have met wonderful people, both like-minded and other-minded. All of the people and places have helped my concept and learning happen. Thank you. I am currently facilitating, curating, leading, dreaming, developing, dancing, researching… I support a revolution in health care. In individuals and systems.



KENDSKAB is a reality and can be set up in different parts of the country and directed at different target groups.
I as well see potential in future initiatives from the platform brobyggeri. It is to be a platform from which actions for change and impact emerge. Facilitating debates, writing articles, painting posters and street lamps, inventing new tools and building health houses are just some ideas.


Personally… I have grown in so many ways, and I fortunately have tons more to learn. Of course. I am looking forward to creatively express myself. I am looking forward to seizing interests and passions. Body-mind-soul, education, creativity, philosophy, surroundings, culture, love…


My biggest challenge this year was… navigating stigmatization. From within especially

My biggest surprise this year was… that I bought 7 different website domains and didn’t use any of them (yet)

I am most proud of… having a big vision and acting on it… and my team

I discovered that I am good at… seeing and understanding patterns

I need to work on… expression and my tricycle

I dream about creating… a (pop-up) museum with inspiration and tools for living by and with love over fear. Philosophy, biology, psychology, neurology and spirituality expressed in different forms, materials and atmospheres… and life



Telephone:+45 52 40 30 18


Joel Foighel



We live in a world of conflict and polarization. We create ‘us’ and ‘them’ and we choose our side.


“Men often hate each other because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don’t know each other” – Martin Luther King Jr.


I have set out to build bridges between various groups of society. I believe that we are not responsible for the world which has created our minds, but we are responsible for the minds with which we wish to create the world.


I have gone from hosting a #metoo event to hosting a conversational dinner between homeless and non-homeless people in Aarhus and on to hosting men’s circles to reflect on the role of men and masculinity in 2018.



I was driven by impulse and my values. I tested how it was to work with different topics, target groups and formats in order to find out what I am passionate about, what I am good at and what the world needs and the overlap of those three.



I honestly don’t know what is my next steps. It could be a full time job somewhere in Denmark/Sweden, it could be part time job and projects in Copenhagen or maybe even moving to Colombia to start all over. Time will tell.


If I move back to Copenhagen, then I will most likely host more conversational dinners. Dinners with the elderly, the inmates in prisons, the homeless and many more.


My biggest challenge this year was… to keep following my heart and intuition even if it did not always follow the school frames.

My biggest surprise this year was… The feedback I have gotten from participants telling me how my events have had a huge positive influence on their lives.

I am most proud of… My growing skill of asking for help.

I discovered that I am good at… Making people leave their comfort zones and challenge their assumptions.

I need to work on… How to make a living from working with social challenges.

I dream about creating… A culture/community house where creativity, movement of the body and relationships can flourish.



Telephone:+45 23950239


Kristoffer Højsleth



The Kaospilot Student Force (The Force) is a concept in collaboration with Kaos Works – the commercial arm of the KP Brand.


At the Force we strive to get at many KP students out in local context of Aarhus/Denmark to practice their skills and competences with a focus on personal growth in a professional context together with fellow students.


As a part of the Student Board and KP Board I have been focusing on the community and well-being of the students. One of the words that kept popping up was Cross Pollination.


We believe that the Force can become a playground for young professionals where cross-pollination will be the catalyst for innovative projects and lasting collaborations.



Being an intrapreneur at the Kaospilots is really demanding – both professionally and personal. At my examine it was referred to as ‘a suicide mission’. Trying to come about change within demands a lot of patience and political finesse. Fortunately, I found a few allies within the organization who saw the same potential for the Force as I did.



Today, we have received our first big project – designing and facilitating a hackathon in Aalborg (September 2018) for 1.000 students at Aalborg Tech College – where the Force will be the project leader and the KP student will co-create and facilitate the whole event!


The next six months will be running a start-up initiative within the KP organization – by the Students, for the Students.


My biggest challenge this year was… killing my darling.

My biggest surprise this year was… the KP organizational structure.

I am most proud of… landing a client.

I discovered that I am good at… being awesome.

I need to work on… process, process, process.

I dream about creating… regenerative business concepts.



Telephone:+45 2880 9110


Michael Wells



I have entered the field of Organizational Complex Problem Solving. I have spent this education, especially this final third year focussing on business development and process consultation. Through a systemic approach, I want support companies that I believe in. This year I practiced this in the UK with a British Manufacturer and Retailer called Games Workshop.

My motivation for organisational change and problem solving at Games Workshop, was because I believe in what it tries to achieve. Games Workshop is a company that strives to create the highest quality fantasy Miniatures in the world, which many can argue it currently does. It brings together a unique and sparse customer segment, to hobby and play within a like minded community. This service to its niche clientele allows for worldwide enjoyment of a product, which I think is a beautiful thing and is worthwhile to develop and support.


My time was spent with a courageous company and amazing people, facing the current looming prospect of a country on the edge of Brexit. The task, to research and expand it’s worldwide Markets. This included foreign importation hurdles, around quality, health and safety assurances. This process had many unknown and unforeseen challenges for Games Workshop’s Operations, which needed investigating. Along with its entire Product and Supply departments, we developed a business development plan. It took 5 months, including external consultation and internal prototyping and processes.



Imagine the day when you are convinced the world is not flat but spherical.

With Games Workshop, over 30 years of ingrained cultural behaviour and leadership had to be accounted for. The rarely considered cultural implications, which are the hardest things to manage, are the most fascinating elements to observe, consider and change in a company. These changes facing companies of Medium-Large size, are the sort of tasks I want to take on and become a professional troubleshooter in.


How do you ask people to change their current truths and beliefs?


How can you change the foundations of a working environment, in a way which allows for a sustainable future for all stakeholders? What is your considered approach to this, and how do you trust that your are even correct yourself?


During the project period many external factors affected the process and time available with all stakeholders. Dancing in this chaos was nerve wracking, exciting, even infuriating at times. Although it felt like the kitchen sink was thrown at us, we managed to build a solid amount of research and understanding, so the top Management could make a strategic decision for the companies future.



For me I want to learn more about organisational change. I plan to achieve this by working in a large organisation, bringing real value and improvement over time, and learning through experience. Kaospilot has given me the most amazing foundations in this field and I can’t wait to develop further as an Enterprising Leader.


My biggest challenge this year was… accepting my naivety.

My biggest surprise this year was… seeing how useful I could be.

I am most proud of… the network and relations I have built.

I discover I am good at… coping with an ever changing context.

I need to work on… balancing my professional, personal and social life.

I dream about creating… a dream workplace.



Telephone:+44 7908903083


Fanny Lindström



The world today is facing an unseen degree of complexity. The world’s population has doubled over the past 40 years; we are facing scarcity of natural resources; and advances in technology are transforming how people work, think and connect. As a result, our cultural values are changing fast, sometimes faster than is comfortable. At the same time there is a growing number of conflicts: from Syria to South Sudan to Myanmar. In recent years, women and men worldwide have been driven from their homes due to ongoing conflicts and climate-related pressure. Millions have been forced to seek protection across international borders. Today there is an estimated 65.6 million forcibly displaced people worldwide. Countries with the most plentiful resources – slam the door to millions of migrants, leaving it up to a handful of developing countries to handle almost all of the 21 million people fleeing from conflict areas right now.


For those fortunate enough to find their way through the immigration process, the journey is not over. From the moment of their arrival, it becomes a journey for both the migrant and the host community to meet each other and learn how to co-exist.



Teach storytelling to migrant communities (including members of the host community) through a series of smartphone-based filmmaking workshops.


The stories within the migration crisis are The Odyssey of our time. While I am a trained filmmaker, and believe that these stories and voices are extremely important and interesting, I also believe that it is necessary to take a step back from documenting others’ stories in order to teach people how to tell their own and also inspire others to do the same. Through storytelling you can connect with others, seek new perspectives on your story, create empathy and agency, demonstrate the importance of diversity and independence from media portrayal.



My process took me to various places in the world, hosting spaces, teaching storytelling and filmmaking. Supporting people to tell there untold stories and work though there traumas. Working with a diversity of people from different backgrounds and collaborating with the filmmaking collective “whattookyousolong” I created a workshop model that I prototyped and develop with Red Cross.


I learned throughout this process that this work is so important and it is also very sensitive for them. I’m there to make them feel safe, so I need to act as a host and guide in order to collect their stories.  Something that I learned about myself professionally is that I am extremely good at hosting spaces and seeing people, understanding systems and how particles work within them and how I could support them to evolve.


This year made me really sure of myself and my capabilities, I am a confidant, trustworthy, smart woman that has a lot to offer. I feel proud of who I has become as a person, professionally and personally, also that they go hand in hand. You can’t be as good as you can be in your work and craft if your not aware and take care of yourself and your body.



This project continues and will reach more refugees in the world. I am also currently part of developing a filmmaking trainee curriculum for a program at the university of Somalia. My dream is to create a project that can sustain it self though other people of host communities.


So I’m out in the world supporting people to tell their stories yet I’m also making sure my story gets told. Ringt now I’m evolving, I have this with me but it might not completely shape my future and what I would work with.


My biggest challenge this year was… My health, staying true to myself, writing a really long school report when you are very dyslectic.

My biggest surprise this year was… How many people I have in my community that wants to support me.

I am most proud of… that I created a project and executed it all by myself, it made me feel completely capable and ready for the future.

I discovered that I am good at… Understanding people and evolve there capacity.

I need to work on… remembering to dance.

I dream about creating… An inclusive open and diverse society



Telephone:+45 51800794



Saskia Kjellström




VISION: A society where it is natural to enjoy fashion by sharing clothing and wardrobe with each other and in that way diminish overconsumption and the negative impact on humans, animals and nature.


MISSION: We organize communities with shared clothing collections to raise the average use of each piece of clothing during its lifetime. We spread the knowledge about the issues around the fashion industry & capitalism at the same time as we offer an alternative social sustainable solution.


The Clothing Club is a community and a movement and has during the prototype in Aarhus between feb-may 2018 shown that sharing economy clothing communities can support shifting people’s’ mindset to see the positive value of sharing and being part of change making communities. The members have also expressed a new found love for their own wardrobes, new connections in Aarhus and that their clothing consumption rapidly decreased during the prototype.



The reason for me to start TCC came from my own love for expressing myself through clothing, both by sewing my own and buying others designs. But when I look at the fashion industry today I  see dominate negative effects of it such as exploitation, young people’s self doubt and environmental problems. I wanted to use my Kaospilot skills to rearrange our relationship to clothing and show that we can create a different fashion industry, a more responsible and thriving one.


I have consciously been very action oriented to not get stuck in dreaming to much but actually testing out what my skills can create. And to make a change you have to start somewhere small first. Now I have learnt that I can bring together a lot of people to make things happen and I am very proud of having inspired more people that we can create these changes without having to ask for permission by the already established players in our fields.



I dream about finding more people that believes in the potential of The Clothing Club and develop it to a powerful force within the fashion industry. I would like to start a Think Tank to talk with more people about how we can start businesses that are sustainable without having to contribute to the capitalistic system.


And I dream about a big house, a Clothing Clubhouse, where young people could come and dream and find new collaborations while having fun with clothing.


My biggest challenge this year was… working alone as the manager of TCC.

My biggest surprise this year was… how easy it was to build a community.

I am most proud of… getting new people to collaborate with each other.

I discovered that I am good at… creating things really fast.

I need to work on… letting other people manage projects that I start.

I dream about creating… a big dreamy Clothing Clubhouse.



Telephone:+45 42659005

Website: www.theclothingclub.org


Guido Paoletti



Demiurgo-Innovation is a program to support the making of new ideas.The name “Demiurgo” comes from Plato’s philosophy and represents an entity who “fashioned and shaped” the material world. The demiurgo it was originally a common noun meaning “craftsman” or “artisan”, but gradually it came to mean “producer”, and then, eventually, “creator”. I like to describe it as the one who organise chaos, and from chaos create“cosmos” (Greek word for “order” or “structure”).


In the same way this program is meant to structure the creative energy of a new idea within a frame that nurtures it and transform it into a project. This process can apply to businesses to give birth (as startups) or single operations within a more established environment.


I believe innovation needs to “dance” in between chaos and order to become real. I think there’s a powerful synergy between them, the two are in fact part of the archetypical duos that humanity has always reflect upon. Chaos, the origin of everything, pure potential for everything to happen, often associate with the feminine side responsible for giving birth (creating). And order, the hierarchy among everything, the structuring force and therefore the tyrant power that channel and direct everything. Innovation processes need to embrace this two forces to constantly explore and frame, and in this way step forward. How to do so has been the question my project rotates around.


The Demiurgo program is a process of four workshops distributed over a month of time. Each workshop focuses on a different aspect of designing a project, to create four pillars innovation can stand on.



This year has been a roller coaster ride exploring myself, defining professional interests and being on my own while creating something.


It has been very challenging in the beginning but now I feel very proud of having set up something valuable for myself, my future and the people that might use it. I also very excited to keep collaborating with the groups that had supported me and further explore the collaborations I initiated.


My taken about myself and my working strategy are that you can’t plan what you need to know but you need to plan what action you want to take.



Well, Demiurgo program has now got to the point when it needs to operate on a more regular base. My hopes are to achieve soon some success with the partners actually involved to grow my portfolio as well as my experience, and then aim for bigger collaborations. If everything will happen as planned I believe this program will help a new generation of entrepreneurs developing their dreams.


My biggest challenge this year was… to work alone

My biggest surprise this year was… the impact I made with some collaborations

I am most proud of… the professional I became

I discovered that I am good at… enterprising

I need to work on… my relationships

I dream about creating… innovative businesses



Telephone:+39 32077238533


Guillermo Vázquez Bustelo




A research project on how cooking can help alleviate anxiety and other mental health challenges.


Just in Scandinavia, 2 of 3 people have declared to eventually suffer from stress and anxiety related issues. Cooking can serve as a meditation technique and grounding exercise—its practice provides the space, time and tools to anchor the cook in the now. Through the use of the five senses, and the overview of a transformation process, the cook gains a sense of control.


This project has taken me from the urban farms of Oslo, to the remote Zen monasteries of Japan, to the hectic kitchens of the new vibrant culinary scene in Copenhagen.


In regards to the future of my project, my aim is to keep on prototyping and explore the possibilities of expanding this concept. How can we incorporate self-care practices into our daily routines? How can we use food as a meditation tool? How can we practice presence through our daily activities?


For Zen Buddhists, each moment of practice encompasses enlightenment, and each moment of enlightenment encompasses practice. In other words, practice and enlightenment—process and goal-—are inseparable. The circle of practice is complete even at the beginning. This circle of practice-enlightenment is renewed moment after moment.




Take a cup of rice.


Carefully lay in front of you a pot and a stirring spoon.


Take a pot from the pantry and set it over the stove.


Keep your eyes open.


Wash the rice thoroughly, and put it in the pot.


Measure two cups of water and spill it in the pot.


Light the fire.


Cook it.


Follow the old Zen saying that goes—“See the pot as your own head, see the water boiling as your own lifeblood”. Watch the rice transform.


Telephone:+45 81939695



Aaron Benjamin Metzger



You do it around 40000 times a day, 14 Million times a Year. Wouldn’t you like to get it right? Breathing is one of the most powerful yet underestimated tools to support us in living a healthier life! Experience the power of your breath and learn how it’s related to good leadership.


“Transformative experience design”


A concept to serve the evolution of life on earth.


Mission: “To facilitate transformative learning spaces for individuals and companies to support self-actualization and personal development.”


Transformative Experience Design (TED) is a concept to support the process of self-actualization. I combine ancient transformative practices such as storytelling, guided meditation, breathwork, rituals, and other techniques in combination with experience design. Experience design is a practice of designing services with a focus on the quality of the user experience. Transformative experiences are different to our ordinary everyday experiences. They result in profound and long-lasting changes in our worldview; they have a remarkable impact on our beliefs, character, identity and interpersonal relationships. Those experiences can take the shape of an epiphany or a sudden realization. These experiences often result in remarkable psychological changes and the evolution of consciousness. The impact of this radical transformation of the self- world can cause newfound meaning in life or can turn a person’s view in an entirely new direction.


We need an inner compass and magnitude to cope with the rapid outside progress of our society.  



I became a Kaospilot to find out how I could make a living and have a positive impact on the world. I was always interested in education because I think there is a lot of potential for positive change. Implementing Kaospilot approaches to general education systems could be of great value.


I discovered the potential and the power of breathwork when I started to challenge myself in swimming in the ocean during the winter, exposing myself to minus 2 degrees water. A friend of mine introduced me to a method by Wim Hof, which uses cold exposure, mindfulness practice and breathing as a way to achieve extraordinary physical and mental performance. To test my concept, I facilitated 24 workshops in Amsterdam, Oslo, Aarhus, and Freiburg. Breathing plays an essential part in mindfulness practice, and it is an evidence-based statement to say that meditation enhances brain function. The positive impact of mindfulness exercise could promote the development of evidence-based mental training interventions in clinical, educational, and corporate settings aimed at cultivating social intelligence, prosocial motivation, and cooperation.



I set myself the aim to take the insights of mindfulness out of the religious or spiritual context to keep TED as inclusive as possible so more people can gain from their benefits. At the same time, I do not want to deny the potential of a spiritual dimension. Language plays a crucial role, which is one of the reasons I am so inspired by Carol Sanford and Daniel Coleman. Both of them manage well to communicate “spiritual content” without “being put into a box” of mysticism. An essential learning is to ensure that the discourse I use is relatable for people so they can understand what I have to offer. I believe that at the end it’s about finding the right balance between being authentic while adapting my language to create the most value. I know that I don’t want to convince people but instead work with people who are open-minded and willing to explore something unknown.


My biggest challenge this year was… to maintain a good workflow after my break up.

My biggest surprise this year was… how freely people shared their vulnerability during the workshops I facilitated.

I am most proud of… bringing something into existence through my imagination.

I discovered that I am good at… being present.

I want to work on… being humble and grateful.

I dream about co-creating… a community for me and my future family.


Telephone:+49 1771632474


Jim Cargill



Critical thinking is always present in us, you have it since you are a child and question why you have to eat broccoli when you don’t like broccoli. But as we grow older we forget or I would argue we take it for granted. The world around us is a constant pressure and we put our trust in this system, because why would we not? That is a very important question in all this, why would we not?


In John Dewey’s book “How We Think”. He argues that thinking is something natural for humans like breathing or our heart beating. Dewey also believes that because of this we can’t teach someone to think. But what we can do is help someone develop it’s thinking process.


What I found most interesting of what our generation is struggling with is the lack of critical thinking and not questioning the media or role models. I could go on with the effect of fake news, clickbait and the selling of content in the industry. But I think that way of thinking is pointing out failed constructions instead of looking for the potential within these areas. For example in the past in public service, we had moderators of information such as journalists and producers. These people had a responsibility to society to be honest but could also be coloured in their own beliefs. Now in modern media, social media and mass media in general you have no moderators and no accountability but instead you have the freedom of media, you have the power to be heard. Of course there are two sides to every coin but how can we utilize these social constructions we have in the modern society?


I believe we should start looking towards the people responsible, the big media houses, the production companies and the channels. One hypothesis I had was that; If we, the people, the audience bring back the accountability towards media. Can we then strive for a big shift in information flow? If the audience can get a reputation of critical thinkers I would argue that the responsibility of the producers would be higher.


Going back in my life there are a few things that gets me caught in my work and one of them is writing, I already have the experience of writing screenplays but not on a professional level. What I have been paid for is working as an editor, where I get an already written screenplay and make changes due to budget. The writing process is something I have always enjoyed and I decided that if I could implement this in my work I would have something tangible created at the end of the project. Using my tools as an indicator and my excitement to write as the fuel. I had found a craft to explore while conceptualizing.


The result of my project was three prototypes of screenplays that could serve this purpose, provoking a critical mind.



Telephone:+46 736444656


Ingrid Hauggaard-Nielsen



Skessa is an online collaborative toolkit for diverse and inclusive organisations. The primary aim of Skessa is to support organisations who understand the importance and urgency of working towards more diversity and inclusion, but lack the concrete know-how.. The toolkit consists of cards, each of which contain a mindset, practice, tool, exercise or language. All of which help us interrupt our unconscious bias, be actively inclusive and embrace diversity in a way where everybody thrives.


In the past months we have witnessed the world around us react to the flood of stories about workplace sexual harassment as the #metoo movement has unfolded. But sexual harassment is only the tip of the iceberg, a symptom of a cultural problem that is much bigger. So we decided to be a part of a proactive approach to creating a solution. Better to melt the iceberg from underneath the water, than to get tired from chopping the 10% top off repeatedly.


Skessa is free and open for all to view, use and contribute to, via google drive. It is our belief that everyone has the competence to deal with injustice and can influence the systems that keep it in place and we are therefore excited to invite you to join us on our mission.




Collaboration over competition has been a leading principle in how we have approached our work. With that as a mindset we have been generous with ourselves, other and the work that we’ve been doing. As a team, we are more than the sum of our skills combined. Just as rubbing two stones together can create fire, we experience that the dynamics between us also was a catalyzer for energy.


The process of this year has been exciting, frustrating, challenging, fun, empathic, exhausting and poetic. We’ve been lost and have found ourselves and each other again numerous times.


It’s been a privilege to get to work side by side and to get to be in the front row audience of each other’s growth. We’ve been challenged numerous times, by ourselves and our field and it is at those times we are reminded how strong our connection is. We’ve learnt a great deal about our field of diversity and inclusion, about people’s willingness til help when you dare ask for it and about ourselves.


We stand at the end of this three year education with our suitcases filled to the brim and now we head in similar but separate directions. Ingrid is heading East and Björk to the West from here. Luckily the planet is round and life goes in circles, and so the chances for us to collaborate again are high. We are already living one dream, one of connection and community and we intend to take that dream with us wherever we go. We hope to continue growing and to feel the earth below our feet.


My biggest challenge this year was… organising my folder, files, tabs, books, photos, thoughts.

My biggest surprise this year was… my surprise birthday party planned by superstar fanny lindtsröm and the rest of my bestiiiez.

I am most proud of… myself. And bella. And my whole team and that we have zero competition only love and support.

I discovered that I am good at… Admitting weakness and asking for help. Analogue photography and ideation

I need to work on… building a new network of provocateurs, rebels, sisters, mentors and everything else that this community has given me.

I dream about creating… an epic network of strong women who challenge everything and work in the intersection of art, innovation, lingerie, world domination, laughter, business development, sensual experiences, witchcraft, technology, health, nature, ocean, life, yoga, love.



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Björk Brynjarsdottir



Skessa is an online collaborative toolkit for diverse and inclusive organisations. The primary aim of Skessa is to support organisations who understand the importance and urgency of working towards more diversity and inclusion, but lack the concrete know-how.. The toolkit consists of cards, each of which contain a mindset, practice, tool, exercise or language. All of which help us interrupt our unconscious bias, be actively inclusive and embrace diversity in a way where everybody thrives.


In the past months we have witnessed the world around us react to the flood of stories about workplace sexual harassment as the #metoo movement has unfolded. But sexual harassment is only the tip of the iceberg, a symptom of a cultural problem that is much bigger. So we decided to be a part of a proactive approach to creating a solution. Better to melt the iceberg from underneath the water, than to get tired from chopping the 10% top off repeatedly.


Skessa is free and open for all to view, use and contribute to, via google drive. It is our belief that everyone has the competence to deal with injustice and can influence the systems that keep it in place and we are therefore excited to invite you to join us on our mission.





Collaboration over competition has been a leading principle in how we have approached our work. With that as a mindset we have been generous with ourselves, other and the work that we’ve been doing. As a team, we are more than the sum of our skills combined. Just as rubbing two stones together can create fire, we experience that the dynamics between us also was a catalyzer for energy.


The process of this year has been exciting, frustrating, challenging, fun, empathic, exhausting and poetic. We’ve been lost and have found ourselves and each other again numerous times.


It’s been a privilege to get to work side by side and to get to be in the front row audience of each other’s growth. We’ve been challenged numerous times, by ourselves and our field and it is at those times we are reminded how strong our connection is. We’ve learnt a great deal about our field of diversity and inclusion, about people’s willingness til help when you dare ask for it and about ourselves.



We stand at the end of this three year education with our suitcases filled to the brim and now we head in similar but separate directions. Ingrid is heading East and Björk to the West from here. Luckily the planet is round and life goes in circles, and so the chances for us to collaborate again are high. We are already living one dream, one of connection and community and we intend to take that dream with us wherever we go. We hope to continue growing and to feel the earth below our feet.


My biggest challenge this year was… understanding that my worth is not based on how much I work or produce

My biggest surprise this year was… how eager people were about Skessa when we launched it

I am most proud of… Ingrid and mine’s collaboration.

I discovered that I am good at… conceptualizing and coaching

I need to work on… telling people more often why and how they inspire me

I dream about creating… organizations and communities where energy, empathy and learning is at the core



Telephone:+45 31 34 33 76



Audun Guneriussen


I set out to create an rite of passage initiative with a focus nature connection and inner leadership that I called THE WILD ONES.


It is a initiative where youth are given the opportunity to challenge themselves through trips and workshops in nature to learn about themselves and their future. It’s a place for the youth to speak out, be vulnerable, challenge themselves, spend intentional time in the wild, and find direction in their lives.


THE WILD ONES’ vision is to deepen the connection to oneself, to each other and to our environment.



I learned the true value of collaboration and sparring; i’m extremely grateful for all the people i’ve met and talked to during my project period and their immediate willingness to help me when I was lost. I lost my way countless times throughout my project, and my network of friends, colleagues and sparring helped me back on track.


I learned to be vulnerable and honest when communicating, and how people connect better to a explanation of the project when I’m speaking from the heart.


I learned that I never want to stop learning.


I learned to not take myself too seriously. (Rule #6)




I hope to continue the path of constant learning, to never stop dreaming big, to ask questions, to be vulnerable in my relations, to be hopeful about our future, to motivate others, to challenge the norm, to be brave, to have fun.


My biggest challenge this year was… working alone.
My biggest surprise this year was… strangers’ willingness to help.
I am most proud of… my teammates and all our love.
I discovered that I am good at… procrastinating.
I need to work on… believing in myself.
I dream about creating… a round-the-world bike tour and a documentary of the people i meet.


Telephone:+45 52674022


Andreas Gorm Tungland




Today 1 out of 3 students at the University of Oslo is suffering from loneliness, and are missing a sense of belonging. Among existing initiatives there are no initiatives giving the individuals the tools they need to explore how they can discover this sense themselves.


LifeDesign is a free, hands-on student program that provides students with tools and knowledge, so that they themselves can find a sense of belonging.




Using exploratory research and in-depth interviews with several key figures at the university and on the topic of loneliness and belonging, I made a map of the landscape of existing initiatives at the University of Oslo. My main takeaway from this is the lack of initiatives for students to focus on and develop themselves as human beings. My research question for this year has been to find out if students who are getting to know themselves better, also have a bigger chance of coming to the point where they feel a stronger sense of belonging.


To test this I did several prototypes and in the end made a program where students were given a space where they could explore their own lives, and also connect to other students who wanted to do the same. I followed these students for months after their participation and found out that for some the program has created stronger relationships, and they now have a stronger sense of belonging.




The program is going to continued, and further developed. I’m either going to have this as a side project when getting a job after summer, but hopefully I can include it in the work that I’m going to do.


My biggest challenge this year was… multitasking two projects.

My biggest surprise this year was… the Kaospilot exam.

I am most proud of… how I’ve been funding the project.

I discovered that I am good at… facilitating small groups.

I need to work on… my communication skills.

I dream about creating… an including education.



Telephone:+45 42402942



Birna Ketilsdóttir Schram




Nornir: Leading Through Witchcraft
A documentary about Icelandic Witches.

Through a poetic film we will explore and document Icelandic Witches and  Witchcraft as a mean of embracing the feminine quality in leadership. Witch is a wise woman that holds knowledge of nature. She is connected to herself, her spirit and is unafraid to lead her life according to her own beliefs.


Witchcraft is the practice of the witch. It varies from one witch to another but it broadly means the sacred practices that the witch uses to connect to herself, nature, and the spirits. Examples of witchcraft practices are tarot cards, rituals and celebrations of the different cycles of nature: seasons, moon and menstruation.


NORNIR believes that women can and will tap into their infinite source of power by using witchcraft as a tool. From this female power women can lead the world towards gender equality.


By using witchcraft as a method to create a sacred space for women to reconnect to themselves, nature, and other women. A space where they can share their experiences, struggles and dreams freely. A space that women can move and create from, unapologetically.   


For ages we have lived in a patriarchal society, meaning a society in which males primarily hold the power and predominate in roles of political leadership, social privilege, and moral authority. This patriarchal society builds on a social system that oppresses women. The Witch Hunt is an example of this oppression. Women that created magic as healers, herbalists, midwives and nurses were deliberately hunted, silenced and killed as an attempt to control their power.


Witch, a term that has previously been used to demonize, stigmatize and repress women is now being reclaimed.
Women across the globe are now actively using it as a way to describe themselves. Women are stepping up and gathering in circles to celebrate different phases of the moon cycle. They’re performing rituals to honor the seasons, casting spells to heal, to manifest and to rediscover the magic.




I had the privilege of growing up in Iceland, a country ranked with most gender equality in the world. I have drunk the clearest water, ran around the streets carelessly surrounded by so much nature that I have become impervious to its power.


With this privilege, I feel a sense of responsibility, a responsibility to take action.


During the last 6 months, I have embarked on a journey finding means and ways of leading myself & others to a better world. A world where all humans live in harmony with each other and with Mother Earth.


Even though I am brought up in a “Feminist Paradise” in Iceland I still meet patriarchal constructs on a daily basis; imposter syndrome, not daring to take up space, sexual harassment, the gender pay gap, double standards, mansplaining, silencing, male gaze and lack of female representation in the media. As I started to notice these obstacles I learned that I was not alone.


In order to reach my ultimate vision of a world with gender equality, I decided to start from my own roots and with what I have now. In a place that is indigenous to myself: Iceland.  Therefore I created this project. As an attempt to empower myself and other women around me, so that we can follow our dreams, break the constructs that have suppressed us for ages, fight for our rights and create the magic we want to see in this world.


My guiding question for this project became: How can I empower myself and other women to lead through witchcraft? What hidden knowledge in witchcraft  can be used in leadership? How can we shine light on this female wisdom?




We are just starting.


In the summer we will go to Iceland and shoot the film with the all female production crew. We will focus our lenses on telling stories of wise women in Iceland and how they lead their lives through witchcraft. And then, along the way, we explore our own wisdom and how we can empower ourselves through witchcraft.


I will keep on creating, filming, photographing, collaborating, empowering, writing, loving and softly fighting for gender equality.


I also want to to build a home in Seyðisfjörður and Cape Town –  anyone care to join?


On my nightstand is a stack of books waiting to be read. Everything from Halldór Laxness’s Salka Valka to Bell Hook’s All About Love.


My biggest challenge this year was… to stop being afraid of my own talents.

My biggest surprise this year was… to find out that my insecurities come from patriarchal constructs.

I am most proud of… staying true to myself.

I discovered that I am good at… creating magic.

I need to work on… creating realistic timelines.

I dream about creating… a world where softness is valued as much as aggression.


Telephone:+45 60196251



Harkiran Singh Narulla




I’ve developed a course in life practices design. A practice is an intentional activity, ritual, or positive habit that helps achieve a purpose or support someone in their life. This could be for example exercise, relaxation, socialising, planning, etc. The course is about exploring and handling these, and creating epic habits & routines. It digs into how you can use them to enact your vision & values, guide your development, and support you as a person. And how you create them to last.


I believe that to really shine in the world and be how we want to be, requires self mastery. This looks different for everyone – but we each have to answer the question at the end of the day, of ‘how do I get myself to do what I want to do’. This project was also about exploring the question, ‘how does developing practices help people become autopoetic – or self creating?’


The course is grounded in helping people do things in a regenerative way – that is, a way that keeps increasing the diversity and complexity of their own lives and their ability to thrive. The course takes a living systems view of people – that incorporates higher values and fulfilment and creating structures that support them – as opposed to just seeing people as efficiency machines to be optimised. It’s created space for reflection, group learning, and developing the will to change.


I found it relevant to take on this field as a way of helping develop individual capacity. As people develop, they’re more able to extend their reach to take on challenges in the world, and with others – so individual capacity is also a building block of collective strategic capacity. Coming from a climate change policy/law/economics background, I see how essential this is to making change on a systemic level towards a truly symbiotic relationship between people and nature.





I’ve developed the project in close collaboration with members of and mentors related to the Kaospilot community. This works on two levels, making sure that the course serves the target group of enterprising leaders, creatives and freelancers, but also, from testing the material with people who could help co-design it and become more involved in the project.


It’s been surprising how much this area resonates with people – we all have our own challenges and are trying to do a bucket load of stuff. It’s powerful to explore this in a small community and learn from each others’ experiences.


I learned that while I have the spirit and determination to go it alone in projects, I much prefer collaborating and working with a team to develop something.




I’m going to find another a setting with a mandate to make an impact, to contribute to transitioning the world in a more regenerative direction. I intend to develop my skills in systems thinking, regenerative organisational design & blue economy projects. This could be via a project, policy or consultancy role in sustainability or climate change.


My biggest challenge this year was… working solo.

My biggest surprise this year was… the multiplicity of fields related to practices, and its deep relevance.

I am most proud of… developing a solid, creative and new course, that delivers content in an empowering way.

I discovered that I am good at… developing routines, practices, habits.

I need to work on… co-creating with others, from the start.

I dream about creating… a world in which humanity thrives & flourishes, and has a truly symbiotic, and hopefully regenerative relationship with the natural world.


Telephone:+61 404306338


Anna-Maria Espersen




Challenging the model of reality – the very thing that is currently keeping everything together – is an ambitious vision.


Paradigm is a lens where all the information we perceive, gets filtered through. However the lens can shift when being presented with a new lens or information.


The object of truth is, that maternity leave has and always will be a part of the business world. Subjectively true, women grow and change, as they become mothers, and evolve new skills while being on maternity leave.


Barsel & Karriere is a campaign designed to focus on a paradigm shift in creating a new culture and changing the mindset in our society.


Culture where maternity leave is recognized as a career booster.


Culture where all women feel empowered.


Culture where mothers feel equality.


A kind revolution, that makes parental leave more prestigious in the eyes of men and businesses.


Inspiring men to take longer paternity leave and supporting the needed balance in society.


Barsel & Karriere invites, inspire & empowers women to proudly add maternity leave to their CV.


It invites mothers to use BARSEL & KARIERRE on LINKEDIN, as the company their were affiliated with while being on maternity leave. We inspire to describe what it meant for them to be on maternity leave, and what skills they grew, which for them were career boosting. By doing so, we help create awareness that can make a difference and create a new culture where maternity leave is a seen as a positive part of the business world.




Personal need & motivation


Being a young mother to a 2-year-old, I read and hear about that as a woman having been on maternity leave makes you “less of a perfect candidate” in the job market.


In my opinion maternity leave is a job based on pure emotions and meaningful work, by being your authentic self, while working under unforeseen circumstances, with impulses and skills that activate your strength & weaknesses, that constantly makes you prototype new solutions, and makes you seek all opportunities for balanced life, as well as makes you think five steps ahead to avoid threats, and all that is paid with unconditional love.


I therefore don’t understand why the most important job in the world – taking care of your infant – should change your career status.


One day I will have daughter, and my deepest wish is to know, that I have contributed to making a change in the society, that for her will be highly beneficial and that this issue will not be her concern.



Defining goals for cultural change is situational based.


As we understand what is happening around us today, we can to a point affect tomorrow, but we can never predict the future, or the time it takes to change.


We can however, look for adaptation of new ideas and measure its effects afterwards.


The goals of today that the project is aiming for are:


1. Awareness

• Spreading the awareness to women.


2. Not a problem

• Maternity leave is represented/a norm on the CV.

• Women are empowered and dare to ask for gender equal pay.


3. Positive

• Businesses see the benefits of maternity leave.

• More men take longer paternity leaves, the bond between fathers and children grow stronger.

• There is an increase of babies being born.


4. Top 5 qualities for company hires

• Parental leave is qualified as a career booster for both parents.


5. Balance

• Future generations will not have this problem, as there will be equal balance in both family and work lives.





My biggest challenge this year was… how I succeeded as a mother and a wife on top of all that hard work I´ve done.
My biggest surprise this year was… working multidisciplinary
I am most proud of… creating a change and empowering women.
I discovered that I am good at… creating value & impact.
I need to work on… my artist within.
I dream about creating… balance in gender equality.



Telephone:+45 20130290



Eirik Haddal




How can we tackle complex social challenges by sharing our resources, building capacities in the communities, and develop educational approaches that prepare the next generation for the 21th century?


I have worked together with a university in Valle de Bravo, a small town 120 km southwest of Mexico City, called Universidad del Medio Ambiente (UMA) and several other initiatives in the region. The result of our 6 month exploration is Valle Compartible; a network-based platform established to develop structures to amplify Valle de Bravo to be a town for sharing, by connecting dots, catalyzing ideas and building networks. The network consist of individuals, enterprises and organizations which aim to cultivate a developmental mindset and civic engagement in Valle de Bravo through a variety of cross cultural and intergenerational initiatives, projects and programs working on improving quality of the city by connecting communities to resources that promote access over ownership.


Imagine Valle de Bravo as a beehive. It is full of life and resources for everyone. Some of the bees are working in the beehive, others are flying around pollinating the town with its knowledge and care. People that visit the town are amazed by the vegetation, fruits and flower that are growing everywhere.


Our Approach


  • Connecting the town

  • Cities are the nodes in the global network of communication, commerce and culture. What happens in city can change can change the world. By connecting the people to resources in Valle de Bravo, we can find local solutions to global challenges.
  • Catalyzing ideas
  • Shareable Valle de Bravo is facilitating the spread of good ideas and stories of solutions that work. Shareable Valle de Bravo will support start-ups within collaborative economy and help organizations to be effective advocates for social and environmental change.
  • Building networks
  • Complex social challenges can only be tackled by bringing together a diverse group of people to collaborate in partnerships. We coordinating events for community building and shareable concept development.


Valle Compartible will continue either as a research lab under the UMA or as an independent initiative. Our ambition is to support Valle de Bravo to be a town that continues to create jobs and prosperity while not straining land and resources.


We are working towards UN’s sustainable development goal number 11: Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable:


Cities are hubs for ideas, commerce, culture, science, productivity, social development and much more. At their best, cities have enabled people to advance socially and economically.


However, many challenges exist to maintaining cities in a way that continues to create jobs and prosperity while not straining land and resources. Common urban challenges include congestion, lack of funds to provide basic services, a shortage of adequate housing and declining infrastructure.


The challenges cities face can be overcome in ways that allow them to continue to thrive and grow, while improving resource use and reducing pollution and poverty. The future we want includes cities of opportunities for all, with access to basic services.


My biggest challenge this year was… to learn Spanish
My biggest surprise this year was… the power of trust
I am most proud of… my profound friendships
I discovered that I am good at… having serious fun
I need to work on… emotional ventilation under pressure
I dream about creating… peace and love


Telephone:+45 257 99 257



Martin Ritter




For the past three years I researched my passion for alternative building in Portugal, Canada, USA, Korea, Africa and The Caribbean – all of which, has filled up a back pack of insights that has been used throughout this my final project alongside the acumen I gained by running and owning two fish shops prior the Kaospilots.


Alongside being a student at the Kaospilots, I started to nurture my passion for small scale building and Permaculture, by combining the two in a project of making a small multifunctional house to live in.


It was eventually built, and placed on top of two containers, and has become a beacon for me of challenging what have become container construction conventions.


The house was built by pushing the boundaries for “normal” container homes. I ended up constructing a metal frame, that allowed the “building” to be movable, while also enabling it to become wider and have different angels.


This Hybrid container house started an avalanche of questions and new ideas for how to do game-changing things within the building industry, by thinking smarter, and doing things differently. It was on this contrarian journey that I fell upon composites for the first time.


I immediately wanted to build a full composite house as It excited me to see a way for expanding these small and nerdy lifestyle thoughts into really game-changing ideas for the mass market.


Destiny pushed the project to the Caribbean after Hurricane Irma the BVI. The outcome of that journey was a shift of focus, from houses to roof solutions.




When Irma hit the Caribbean, it soon became clear that people were in desperate need for shelter, as most of the roofs were damaged. It also became quite clear that hurricanes were not a singular problem – but a returning event each year hitting these areas hard.


By introducing local authorities with a couple of the world leading experts within the composite field, created a safe space for all questions to be asked.


The thoughts and solutions we presented to the territory had positive feedback, and validated the need to advance the technology, for complementing disaster hit houses in these areas with flexible roof solutions.




The path of life is not given in advance, however I aim to continue my work within finding better building solutions as I believe, that is an area which needs a great bit of attention in order to maintain a healthy planet on the long run.



Telephone:+45 22 66 95 86



Bella Scheftelowitz






February, 2008:

“I am listening to the sound of the rain. In an old house in the middle of a forest I am lying in bed, listening to Det Elektriske Barometer on my radio: a radio show that makes me feel less alone in the world. I can actually feel the invisible string between me and thousands of strangers around the country. This is my refuge: the stories. The sound of rain and the music: I can just crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to the loneliness.”


And ten years after, BØLGEN came to life!


BØLGEN is an audio project on humanity and intimacy.  It is a podcast and a community for the Danish youth. The podcast portrays the big and complex themes in life such as love, sex, longing, death, power, spirituality, loneliness etc. The first wave is published: KÆRLIGHEDSBØLGEN. It consist of five episodes in different shapes and formats about the body, intimacy, sex and love.


BØLGEN works within three fields: storytelling, sound and “poetic potential”.


I am a storyteller and an artist. I work from the belief that words creates worlds, that the stories we tell shape our realities.


I love sound. Sound has a freeing and transformative potential, it makes our imagination grow wild and creates intimacy.


And BØLGEN works from the belief that all humans are experts in life; that we all have a poetic potential.


Practically, this belief is how we look at the world, how we shape our methods, how we angle the stories in the podcast.


It is about portraying complex, existential topics in the simplest way.


It is about making us listen to the dangerous things without burning our ears.


It is about seeking new connections and hidden poetry in ordinary life; creating vitality of the ordinary.  And it is about finding and closing the gaps that exist between what humans think, feel and say.


The vision of this project is a world where humans are less lonely.


Our biggest goal for everything we create, is evoking a sense of belonging in the listeners.


And my motivation for creating BØLGEN comes from my own longing: I want to feel at home in myself and make other people feel at home in themselves. I want to relate to others. And I want to feel hopeful for the world.


And so I decided to create do a project that empowers the youth: the system and culture I am a part of, and with whom I share longings and needs.




Starting this 3rd year project, I had a strong urge to make an idea into a tangible project from where I could play and practise some of all I have learned these years.


BØLGEN is created by three people: myself, the kaospilot. Sofie Voight, the sound creator. And Linnea Slipsager, the visual artist.


I learned that I can’t and won’t do anything alone. I learned what a well functioning collaboration can look like … and it taste like honey!  I learned what it means to work from clear values. I learned that business and pleasure is not separate for me. I learned about what I am good at, and I discovered what confidence can feel like. I learned what professionalism means to me!


I learned where to find the fire. Blue fire! I learned that in order to fight perfectionism I have to be proud of my imperfections. I learned that in order to fight patriarchy, I simply have to believe in myself and in others. And I learned that in order to create revolutions, we gotta think about what we bring forth — what our contribution is — not what we are fighting against, because then we will be negatively bound to that. What a relief…




What the fuck just happened. Kaos world is a bubble. I adore this bubble. And I am leaving it full of hope for the future. And fear, obviously.


My plan is to dwell in this weird transition. Take a long nap. Then wake up, make pancakes and create more beautiful bubbles for myself and others. I will continue this path and make radio. I love to work this way, and we are trying to make BØLGEN a sustainable business. Sustainability is many things: economic and emotional.


Also, I will do workshops for schools about storytelling, experience design and poetic potential.


Give me a call if you are interested … or if you wanna talk about lyyyfe, +45 42442516



My biggest challenge this year was… self-doubt and the lone wolf in me.
My biggest surprise this year was… that the lone wolf died. HUMANS NEED HUMANS.
I am most proud of… that I dare to be brutally honest, and that we have created sound that evokes a sense of belonging in many different people. Sound that can be felt, touched and used.
I discovered that I am good at… creating atmospheres, making radio, asking for help &overcoming fear.
I need to work on… my vanity and my fear of the unknown
I dream about creating… A LOOOOVE REVOLUTION! a beautiful school surrounded by ocean! or a sound imperium! I want to stay curious and dare to fuck things up…



Telephone:+45 42442516



Emil Vincentz



Matilde Lund Hansen




“Food as a tool can shape a more equal and healthy society and lead to a common future for the planet and human beings together”


My third-year project have been to investigate, work and figure out how to work with our food culture and how to improve it. Because I believe we can do better in collectively and from a systemic perspective work with our food culture both in our educational institutions, public and private sector.




I have been working together with Meyers Madhus to improve the food culture at SOSU-Syd and in that way research, learn and build network in the field.




“Can we do it even better?” “How do we build the best food culture for everyone?”



My biggest challenge this year was… spending time on reflections and feedback.

My biggest surprise this year was… how gladly people want to connect and help.

I am most proud of… the network I have built in my third year.

I discovered that I am good at… seeing a project from various perspectives.

I need to work on… being more perfectionist.

I dream about creating… a consultancy company working from a systemic perspective with improve food culture.


Phone :+45 53 52 28 45


Marc Skjerning



Ane Pind Bagge



Anu Paajanen




I applied to Kaospilot because I wanted to become better  at solving social issues. Turns out, social issues are complex little creatures and solving them is a tricky business. Social systems are messy webs of relationships and perspectives and structures, and so there is never just one possible way to define a social problem – let alone solve it. The “problem” is different depending on who you ask and what obstacles they’ve happened to encounter and what beliefs they carry around. It’s like a puzzle where people hold different pieces, and the challenge is putting them together to see the whole.


This year I wanted to explore what it takes to understand a complex social system – what are the underlying structures and world views that shape the way a community behaves – and how we can move that system forward. My concept is a process for understanding how a social system works and intervening with it in ways that hopefully allow the system to change itself. The process can be applied to organizational change, for example. (That’s what I did, anyway.)




I tested my concept in an expert organization of 170 people. They invited me in to help them develop their culture and practices for learning and skill sharing. It was interesting to notice the stories that people told about the problem, and to see those stories shift a little over the project period. I learned that a powerful way to think about challenges in a community is to interpret the behaviour of people not as a manifestation of their personal faults and shortcomings but as something that is caused by the system. That way we can shift focus from blaming individuals to creating the conditions for everyone to act “better” – in this case to share their skills and knowledge more with each other. We found out that learning together requires things like people knowing each other, having time to share experiences, and a psychologically safe culture where it’s ok to talk about failures. These are more important than incentives.




I enjoy helping people understand what they want to do and what they could do to get there. I also want to help people understand each other. “Empathy and the quality of interaction underlie our collective problem-solving power,” I read recently on Twitter and couldn’t get over how true it was. So true. I want to help people access their powers of empathy and have better interactions. So they can solve puzzles together and also just be happier.



My biggest challenge this year was… making 170 people feel seen without knowing them all personally.

My biggest surprise this year was… how physically I felt the effects of both encouragement and discouragement.

I am most proud of… helping people meet each other authentically.

I discovered that I am good at…. having positive assumptions.

I need to work on… building myself a team.

I dream about creating… spaces where people can be who they are.



Telephone:+358 50546301


Eilif Bremer Landsend




What is your backbone? What is your inner strength and light?


BACKBONE is a visual and poetic documentary about inner strength, darkness and hope. The film portrays four women living above the Arctic circle in Norway.


You will meet:


Mariam, a 18-year-old woman from Syria. Mariam is new to Norway and she is blind.


Rikke, a 46-year-old woman trying to find her place in the world and accept who she is. Mary-Ann, a 75-year-old woman who has lost her husband to Alzheimer’s disease. How is she still coping with love and taking care of her husband that is slowly fading away?


Karen Anna, a 80-year-old Sami reindeer herder from Kautokeino. She has been living her whole life on the tundra and in the vast nature working and living with reindeers.




This has been a big and ambitious project where my guiding question has been: What is the power of cinema?


This has lead me to facilitating film workshops for youths in Norway and Kenya to my main project that has been the film BACKBONE.


The inspiration for BACKBONE comes from the American democrat Nina Turner. She had a speech in the wake of Trump about that in your life you need three bones: the wishbone, the jawbone and the backbone. I was so inspired that I made four stories about this theme.


I involved a small crew and we set out for an epic journey across Northern-Norway to film. We have experienced incredible nature, animals, weather and off course the amazing women we met and filmed. In addition to this we as a team created a bond between us.


After filming I went into editing with my editor Tanya Fallenius in Belgium. The films is now almost done.


What I take with me from the project is that I have found my voice in how I want to lead a creative team. I have found out what is important for me when leading a creative project. In addition to that I feel that I am much more confident in staying in the unknown and uncertainty.


I am also incredibly inspired by my fellow teammates at Team 22 at the Kaospilots.




The next thing for me is to land the education properly within myself and with the team. After that I will leave Aarhus and have my base in Norway where I will work with project related to the ocean with a company called SALT.


I going to Ramallah in Palestine to facilitate a film workshop and then I will start on my new film that takes up peoples relationship to death and funerals. Exciting times ahead in other words 😉



My biggest challenge this year was… to navigate in the complexity and to manage ambitions vs reality.
My biggest surprise this year was… how much help it is possible get and that people really want to help! Just ask.
I am most proud of… working with so many different people and see how we have grown, to make the film and give it to the world and to have lightness in my work.
I discovered that I am good at… creating trust with the people I work with and that I can make a damn good cheesecake.
I need to work on… everything. I want to learn.
I dream about creating… meaningful projects for the world and for the people making the project, whatever it might be.


Telephone:+47 92224573



Andreas Lassen Skytt




I’ve been working in the field of Startup throughout the final year. I’ve tested out different concepts, from “slow messaging” with personalized cress messages (which at the end of the day couldn’t be read….) to “organic fortune cookies” (which actually managed to get customers) to “a service that would allow people to rent out their excess space” – an Airbnb for storage ish. I managed to get a fair amount of “hosts” on board in my local area, but I didn’t succeed with persuading any IT developers to join the project. It ended up with me being persuaded by an IT developer to join his startup – Mester til Mester (MTM) – who needed a project leader to initiate their sales & marketing.


The concept behind MTM, is a sharing economy App that enables Crafts to share jobs and labor mutually. It’s a challenge for the Crafts, to continuously have the perfect amount of staff in relation to tasks. Nowadays Crafts call their existing network if they lack jobs or labor, this is a time-consuming process which often results in no luck. MTM enables the Crafts to offer their own jobs and labor to the MTM-community whilst also being able to search for jobs and labor on the app.


The concept will help business save time & money and simultaneously boost their turnover. It will also enable young (and old) Crafts – with a startup dream- to open their own business, without an existing network from 20 years in the industry.


My motivation for working with MTM, was the fact that it was based around sharing economy, and I would get a chance to practice my skills, with a concept that helps young Crafts start their own businesses.


One of my biggest challenges has been to stay neutral towards my project. I firmly believe that MTM provides the Crafts with a new (and smarter) way of running their business. Luckily, many Crafts can see the “future” in MTM, unfortunately they just prefer doing it “the way it has always been done”. The new generation of Crafts are more positive towards new initiatives like MTM, and I believe that if we can get enough young “ambassadors” on board, the app will become a success for the Crafts & MTM.




My biggest challenge this year was… exercising my patience
My biggest surprise this year was… being hit by a car
I am most proud of… that I’ve contributed to the Crafts startup scene
I discovered that I am good at… Jehovah-witness-marketing-style + listening
I need to work on… my patience
I dream about creating… the best app in the world for Crafts


Telephone:+45 41 69 22 23


Amalie Harris Barfod




reWILD studio is an art and design studio creating space for people to interact with nature and each other through processes.


The main purpose with reWILD studio is to create a more conscious way of being and living with our natural world, in order to live a more balanced life together.  I do this by connecting people with nature, creating empathy for it, through art installations, products, and workshops. As part of my goal was to be able to sustain myself after the 3rd year project I chose to use business as a tool to sustain it.


The challenges I found that was part of my concept creation was:


·   Currently 10-12% of people living in Denmark are experiencing stress in relation to their lifestyle and work on a daily basis.


·   In Denmark, we currently have approximately 8000 wild plants. 12-15% of these are on the verge of extinction, and this number will keep on rising.


·   In 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in an urban environment. We need to create more solutions for people to interact with nature where they are.


I believe that if we interact with and understand nature more, we will be able to live in a more balanced way together and dissolve the above mentioned challenges.


Imagine if we designed our lives by learning from how nature works. Nature has been practicing life for 3.8 billion years. That, I would call having an excellent experience in how to function as a holistic system, whether that is in organisations, in cities, in societies, or in productions.


I am an Artist with a passion for aesthetics and finding balance in life and creating sensorial installations. I am a designer with the mission of connecting people with nature in their homes. I act on my dreams through my craft as an enterprising leader and Green entrepreneur, giving birth to projects I find important to exist in the world.


I have used what I learned at the Kaospilots to create a business where the core value arises from my empathy towards the well being of humans and nature.


Key Learnings:

· Work from your why. Find out what you really care about and then create your business/project out from that!


· Commit to your goal. Do one thing at a time. If you can stay focused on what you have planned you will most likely succeed. Focus is a keyword!


· Don’t let fear control you. If you do, you will not succeed with what you want in life. If you have a lot of fear in you, try making it into your strength.


· Surround yourself with great mentors in the different areas you are working in (ex. Business, personal, ideological, project etc.).


· Share your ideas right from the start. It is so important to get peoples feedback, thoughts and network. People will link you to what you send out in the world.


· Don’t be afraid of making mistakes or failing, it will only make you learn and become even better!





My biggest challenge this year was… to try to make sense of it all, and trying to let go of not having to make sense of everything all the time.

My biggest surprise this year was… that it’s really true that we create our own reality. Your language, actions and dreams shape your reality.

I am most proud of… that I am capable of doing what I set out to do. I love my ambitions and that I am filled up with energy to be creative and create!

I discovered that I am good at…. setting things into motion and making it sustainable, both in terms of establishing relationships, creating the network I need and creating a vision that people actually connect with and find important.

I need to work on… business development and how I can scale in a smooth way.

I dream about creating… A more holistic and conscious world. A world where we listen more to the wisdom of nature and act on what comes from that listening.


Telephone:+45 22547587



Pontus Berg Ekman





Leadershit is a new online platform aimed to demystify leadership and its practise. By using modern media it aims to in an attractive and alternative way, inspire more people towards actively start, explore or develop their leadership. In short, it aims to shine a different light on leadership, empowering a paradigm shift around how we see and practise leadership and challenging the status quo of what and who is a leader.


What value does this bring to the world?

  • I don’t know, yet.

What is my motivation for creating this project?

  • Because the format allows me to play and experiment.

What is happening within the field of leadership that I find interesting?

  • Nothing. And that is exactly why I think it’s interesting!

Throughout my third year I’ve been extra curious about how people communicate and perceive leadership. What surprised me the most is not all the millions of ways leadership can be perceived. This I know, both in a theoretical and practical level. What has been more so interesting is the variety of experiences, sources and events people tend to refer to when they speak about leadership.


Today you’ll find as many Organizations offering Leadership and Management services as you find places that sells fidget spinners. Empowered by the force of technology and the leverage it entails on modern organizations, the business case of communicating, teaching and offering ways of exploring these modern practises looks promising.


But boy it’s a red ocean. Only a fool would start a company working within this field. Or a Kaospilot. Why is that in any way different, you might ask yourself. Believe me, I’ve done so myself – almost to many times! But even though my mind is frequently asking myself why, my gut-feeling tells the same story. A story about playfulness, experiments and relationships.


So what’s next? Well, that’s the question I ask myself with a smile every day.




My biggest challenge this year was… reaching out.

My biggest surprise this year was… the weather.

I am most proud of… all my teammates.

I discovered that I am good at… saying no.

I need to work on… being kind to myself.

I dream about creating… a big ass dome.


#Experiencedesign #on #musicfestivals

Carina Munkholm

How to create experiences design that makes relation grow?


This was the question I ask myself when I started on my Pilot-project. I made a collaboration with the Aarhus based urban festival NorthSide, where I was project leader for pop up art, decorations and experience design. During my first year on the Kaospilot, was I lucky to get a project leader role at the festival and since the collaboration has developed, so it was a natural and meaningful choice to work with experience design at NorthSide for my Pilot project.


Throughout my project did I involved more 200 people and created  20+ events, art installations, and experiences for the festival guest daily during the three-day festival.


My focus on the project was to create meaningful experiences for the festival guest, create an element of surprise and design experiences that create memories. I made a great effort in co-creating with local in culture, art, performance art, and educational institutions in Aarhus.


My biggest challenge this year was… 
Choosing the project I want to make my Pilot project. I found I challenging to work a lot on my own after I decide what project to move forward.


My biggest surprise this year was…
My network skill and how helpful people were when I reach out for support.


I am most proud of…
I designed in co-creating with many people a lot of beautiful and meaningful experience for the festival guest at NorthSide
… And that most of the pictures that were taken during the festival (Both proof and guest) on Social Media, were pictures of my projects.


I discovered that I am good at…
Creating trust and making things happen.


I need to work on…
 Follow my passion and do things that make me happy every day.


I dream about creating…
I want to make my passion for experience design, events and traveling into a healthy and inspiring business.


Phone:+45 21286088


Miriam Mahony




Merm-aid is a community that focuses on mental wellbeing and female empowerment through creative processes. I am prototyping this through an assignment offered by northside to create a peice of moveable interactive art.


Our communty decided to create a mermaid parade that incompasses our values of sustainability, feminine celebration and togetherness. For example we are making a venus seashell sculpture on wheels, A underwater soundscape, costumes, beach cleans, crowns and each of us designing our own interactive experience with the audience.


The creative process consisted of weekly workshops using ideation processes, appreciative inquiry methods, experience design and graphic facilitation.


My overall method is based on The A B C campaign for mental wellbeing by the danish institute for research.


A stands for staying active physically socially and mentally. We are doing this by creating something from nothing. Building a sculpture requires that you use your hands and your body to hammer, saw and paint. It also demands mental focus and problem solving efforts to insure the safety and stability of the structure. Teamwork is an essential part of building something, it is also what makes the process much more fun.


B stands for being together, belonging to a community. In merm-aid we have have built a supportive community. We compliment each others strengths and understands each others struggles. The project allows young women who do not fit society’s norms feel apart of something where they are valued again.


C stands for commiting to something you find meaningful. Every member has contributed with the development of the concept and design. We have also build the concept on the values that we find meaningful. This means that although we have different reasons for being part of the project we all find our own meaning through basing the project on our values.


I started my third year with the intention of exploring ways to heal the planet, soon I realised I had to heal myself too. I saw clearly how the two were connected, because of how difficult it is to create change in society when you can’t even get out bed in the morning. I saw how a generation with an anxiety epidemic, would be inactive in a world that needed their help. I gained new energy when my own story of anxiety became entwined with the patterns and challenges I saw.


I realised that Merm-Aid could be the atmosphere where anxious people could thrive, it could be the team where everyone belongs and the cause worth fighting for. Only when we feel at peace with ourselves, will we have the strength to fight for the change want to see in the world. By creating Merm-Aid I found the place I’ve been looking. A place where I belong.



My biggest challenge this year was… battling anxiety

My biggest surprise this year was… The value and impact of merm-aid.

I am most proud of… The girls that I work with.

I discovered that I am good at… Leading with sensitivity, care and honesty.

I need to work on… My profesional language.

I dream about creating… A mermaid sailing school.



Mikkel Stabell Hagelund





No rules, no plans, no to do´s. Except for what is emerging in the moment. I look into the eyes of my father. He’s dancing his socks off at my twinbrothers wedding. Never have I seen my father like this. He has never also been like this. He breaks out into a weird cry, still locking his eyes on me. And I let go. Let go of the thought that there are appropriate and right ways in which to behave around my father. This human.


So easy – and we are then dancing together. I have never let him see so much of my wild side, so much of my silly dancing, so much of my free impulsive behaviour. He sees me – and I see him. In this dance, in this life, in this moment.


Moments like this is what I base my work around.


I am curious towards how we can enable people to be in the moment – in contact with our senses, our emotions, our values – relating to ourselves and our surroundings based on our authentic selves.


By breaking out of external expectations, prejudices and judgments from external sources I believe that one is allowing oneself to be true, to see oneself and to be seen by others. This is the fundament of nature, and necessity for natural growth and progress.


You are in love. She doesn’t know it. You are nervous around her and considering how to move forward in order for you to get closer. You can’t find a way. You freeze.


You are in love. She doesn’t know it. You are nervous around her and you go and say hi. You make a way. You move.


We live all the time, and our mindset is allowing us to pursue the moment or freeze us. I am therefore dedicated towards finding ways that will help people be engaged in moments of value with attraction rather than anxiety. That allows for creativity, experience and learning how to pursue our dreams.





Telephone:+ 47 93233885


Noa Englund Skovdal





No rules, no plans, no to do´s. Except for what is emerging in the moment. I look into the eyes of my father. He’s dancing his socks off at my twinbrothers wedding. Never have I seen my father like this. He has never also been like this. He breaks out into a weird cry, still locking his eyes on me. And I let go. Let go of the thought that there are appropriate and right ways in which to behave around my father. This human.


So easy – and we are then dancing together. I have never let him see so much of my wild side, so much of my silly dancing, so much of my free impulsive behaviour. He sees me – and I see him. In this dance, in this life, in this moment.


Moments like this is what I base my work around.


I am curious towards how we can enable people to be in the moment – in contact with our senses, our emotions, our values – relating to ourselves and our surroundings based on our authentic selves.


By breaking out of external expectations, prejudices and judgments from external sources I believe that one is allowing oneself to be true, to see oneself and to be seen by others. This is the fundament of nature, and necessity for natural growth and progress.


You are in love. She doesn’t know it. You are nervous around her and considering how to move forward in order for you to get closer. You can’t find a way. You freeze.


You are in love. She doesn’t know it. You are nervous around her and you go and say hi. You make a way. You move.


We live all the time, and our mindset is allowing us to pursue the moment or freeze us. I am therefore dedicated towards finding ways that will help people be engaged in moments of value with attraction rather than anxiety. That allows for creativity, experience and learning how to pursue our dreams.





Bjarke Mathias Jensen





“Upon this handful of soil our survival depends. Husband it and it will grow our food, our fuel and our shelter and surround us with beauty. Abuse it and the soil will collapse and die, taking humanity with it.” – From a Sanskrit text written 1500 BC




“A nation that destroys its soils, destroys itself.” – Theodore Roosevelt


Jordforbindelsen facilitates the reunion of soil and souls. We inspire people to become “soil-mates”. With the support of “soil-mates”, we buy land and make it accessible for the new generation of sustainable farmers.


I am delighted to invite you into the world of soil.


Apart from food and raw material, soil provides crucial ecosystem services such as carbon storage, nutrient cycling, water filter filtration and water storage.


Soil is a habitat for billions of microorganisms, that are constantly working on decomposing organic matter and making nutrients available for plant growth. We cannot live without it.


Globally we have lost two thirds of the organic matter in our soils, of which most was lost in the last decade. According to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation, the world on average has just 60 more years of growing crops.


Therefore we must stop the degeneration of our soil and start regenerating it. There is an urgent need to secure the soil from depletion and to thereby secure the ecosystem for generations to come.


But the danish farming industry are facing big challenges. Economical, ecological and in terms of generationshift. There is a huge debt, we are depleting the soil and generation shifts are almost impossible. Young farmers cannot get loans, so the old farmers cannot get out. The average farmer is now 57 years old. We have gone from 200.000 farms in 1950 to 30.000 today, of which only 10.000 are full time farmers.


Jordforbindelsen mobilizes people to become “soil-mates” and make soil accessible for the new generations of sustainable farmers. We do this by buying land and placing it in a land-trust. The land will be freed from debt and rented out to farmers on contracts that ensure the regeneration of the soil and the livelihood of the farmers.




“Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” – From the bible.


This year has been a journey of shaping jordforbindelsen from the dust. Many people have given their input on it and helped me in my thinking to get to where I am today.


Most importantly, I have learned about soil, soul and society.




I have blown life into the first prototype of Jordforbindelsen.nu and the next step will be to get people onboard and get their feedback on the project.



My biggest challenge this year was… to work alone.

My biggest surprise this year was… my capabilities.

I am most proud of… Jordforbindelsen.nu.

I discovered that I am good at… communicating the project.

I need to work on… inviting people in.

I dream about creating… a company (“com panis” means “to share bread).


Telephone:+45 60732398


Guga Korte




Do you know what kind of impact are you creating in other’s lives and in the environment?


The story started by getting in touch with an ancient nomadic culture of the immense Amazonia forest would change places every time they’ve noticed scarcity on resources in the area. But they wouldn’t move without first replanting the trees that they used, in order to restore and reestablish the landscape in which they’ve lived and used. That inspiration sparked the idea of a community through which we, as humans, could be in movement and at the same time restoring and reestablishing abundance and balanced exploitation of resources.


That community is to be supported by a virtual and real platform, that is focused not only on establishing new communities but also to help and access what are the individual and joint impact that we are generating. We will be a channel for developing and tracking the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; and a tool for unification and systematisation of a knowledge network.




With boots on the ground and open hearts, focusing on participating and facilitating the generation of smarter and more sustainable businesses, processes and social enterprises.


Working with peers from different places of the world, being able to access very different individual minds and being able to communicate and learn from such relationships caused a huge impact in my life, and the feeling of inviting more and more people to co-create is now part of my program.


I’ve learned that conscience and awareness on the processes, measuring the steps to change and inspiration to move forward with hope are necessary to achieve dreams.




A very powerful feeling of resilience and adaptability now resides in me.


I feel free to cruise around chaotic, chaordic and ordered environments.


A very strong sense of responsibility to concretize, continue to plant new ideas and find ways to change stuck problems into live solutions.



My biggest challenge this year was… the chaotic aspect of relationships.

My biggest surprise this year was… the inspiring relationships that flowered.

I am most proud of… the talks and walks that changed mine and others’ lives.

I discovered that I am good at… creating things and inviting people into them.

I need to work on… organizing my schedule.

I dream about creating… always.




Skype: :guga.c.korte