Museum for the Future is a travelling art-collective inviting you to partake in our interactive art-installations. By use of expression, the appeal of different senses and the probing of questions, we aim to inspire the participants to re-envision their future.
Fundamental to our practice, lies the philosophical belief that we will need to evolve our way of looking at and interacting with the world around us, in order to engage in a more conscious design of the human beings we would like to be.
The idea of Museum for the Future stems from the urge to explore questions as:
‘How can we become designers of our own society?’
‘How can we begin to envision the future we wish for?’
‘How can art function as a tool of exploration and pursuit?’
The goal for Museum for the Future is to function as a co-creative, global platform manifesting a diverse perspective upon the current society, and displaying a future wished for collectively.
Because ultimately, we believe in a beautiful future through synthesis.
Professionally, what are the most important things you have learned, as a result of carrying out this project?

I deepened my knowledge and understanding of a variety of philosophical and methodological fields; such as ontological design, participatory design and evolutionary leadership. I gained experience in the management and manifestation of cultural events with a minimal amount of resourses. And most importantly – that beauty counts, too.
What are the most important things that you have learned, about yourself, as a result of carrying out this project?

I learned that I function best when I can combine big thoughts with the creation of a physical manifestation. Furthermore, I found the importance of surrounding myself with friends as collaborators: people that challenge me and I allow to be challenged by. Because it’s those who can make me laugh hardest, moving me the furthest forward.




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