Most children come into the world screaming from the top of their lungs, but what does the birth of a visual identity look like? We had an exclusive chance to talk to “the new look” of Kaospilots literately minutes after it came out of darkness.


The Curious: So to just get the ball rolling a bit let us begin with a bit of a cliche: how are you feeling right now?


Kaospilot’s New Look: I feel great, thank you! It’s amazing to finally be here!


TC: So now you are the official face of Kaospilots – what do you know about your family?


KNL: Oh I heard so much different stuff… My ancestors describe them as quite passionate and almost obsessed with things like me. I sense this could be one tough gig, but I feel like Im up for the challenge!


TC: The KP’s like to think of themselves as quite “different” yet you don’t look all that provoking – how does that add up?


KNL: What do you mean “not provoking” – I got colors in my scheme so strange you need a specialist to get them right – haha. No – joke aside – that is actually very much on purpose. You know I represent some quite interesting individuals that like to go in all kind of directions. I got all kind of folks: shop owners, rockstars, innovation specialists, media- people, CEO’s – in other words makers and shakers from all over the place – behind me. They are more than capable to tell their own stories, so my job is to look good on top. And come on I’m not completely without edge..


TC: Fair enough. But what about your face – your predecessor looked like a female pilot – what are you?


KNL: You would need a total United Colors of Benetton commercial from the 80’s to cover all the variations Kaospilots come in these days! You know the one with smiling faces from all over the world. In other words: Yes a Kaospilot is likely to be a young caucasian women, but could just as well be a man from South Africa. About the link to aviation what was up with that? Never understood the connection between the school and riding planes myself – besides that “pilot” in our name…


TC: Guess you got a point there. Being a brand is tough these days, how do you intend to stay on top?


KNL: I have to correct a little. I’m not a brand!


TC: What do you mean?


KNL: It’s simple: I’m just a visual profile – a few graphic tricks that connects people. The brand is a different story. That is not up to me – at least not alone. I do play a role of coarse, but most of it is the actions taken by my family of 100+ students, staff at KP and of coarse the 600+ alumni out there. But to answer your question. I will try to stay in shape. I have been made in such a way that I am open-ended. There is lots of DIY-elements connected to me like stamps in.ex. It’s easy to extend me, play around and add new stuff.

That is the beauty of being relatively simple. I can’t wait to see how all the good people connected to KP is going to put me to work! Exciting times ahead!



TC: Indeed! Let’s round this session up with another little cliche: what are your hopes for the future?


KNL: Too many to mention really. I just hope that my family welcomes me with as much warmth as they have welcomed the new team today.. And then I hope to go really far together with KP! My great looks combined with their wildness and energy… BOOOOM!


TC: Haha. You really feel eager to get started don’t you. Thank you for your time, and looking so much forward to follow you.


KNL: You are always welcome. Let’s talk again some other time! Now I got a lot of photo- shoots to attend to – I am a bit of a star you know…


TC: Sure. Take care!


KNL: Will do!

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