In the future this section will be curated by guests, but to get the party started editor of Frequency Morten Nottelmann shares his list of five favorite magazines.


“Print-media is dead!” is one of those annoying truisms I often hear from tech-crazy, iPad- flicking know-it-alls. In my ears that statement rings as true as “The pope has a girlfriend”. False or hasty declarations of death is a classic discipline that often leads to regret among the “undertakers”. The A&R man of Decca Records famously turned down The Beatles in 1962 with the snarky comment: “”Groups with guitars are on the way out.” Guess that one kept him awake many a night a few years later.
Obviously there isn’t – and never should be – a market for poorly designed papers filled with weak journalism and randomly curated content, slapped onto cheap stock with low-quality ink. But when print-media gets it right the format just can’t be beat. As much as I enjoy blogs, and love the experiments going on in apps and E-editions of some of my favorite magazines, I still get a much bigger kick out off reading a wise text, or seeing a sharp color-photo on heavy matte paper stock. As a self-proclaimed magazine-buff I eat a steady monthly media-diet of at least 15 different periodicals, so naming my top-5 is a difficult task. However I do believe these five deserves wider recognition:




Its easy to see why their following has been exploding since the launch in 2007. Attention to detail, smart writing, a great cross-media-platform, and lots and lots of style is a cocktail many can enjoy. The prodigy behind it all, editor-in-chief Tyler Brûlé , left his own creation the style-savvy magazine Wallpaper behind to create this city-slick “bible” on educated, classy living. It might all feel a bit 1950’s at times, but I most admit they got me hooked.




They are starting to get a lot of attention in Denmark, and that is well deserved. Their focus on simple, tasty food and joyful gatherings delivered with flawless aesthetics is an example to follow. And many is.. The newly published danish magazine “Oak” definitely learned a trick or two – and who can blame them?



Sometimes being a steady reader of this magazine can feel a little like joining a secret society. The Wire’s talks to its readership as if we are all totally up-to-date with every obscure release made by any Japanese noise-artist or Norwegian free-folk ensemble. While the make me feel uninformed at times, I forgive them since they pointed me to so many wonderful sounds throughout the years.



This is totally cheating because Stack technically isn’t a magazine but a gateway to finely curated selection of them. Its a wonderfully clever service I really wish I had thought up myself. Pay a yearly fee a get surprised by a different high-quality magazine delivered to your mailbox every month. Just lovely and a great gift-idea!



Everything about this publication is so thought-trough and taken to an extreme. From the size (50,5 cm x 70,5 cm), over the price (500 DKr/70 euro) to the production quality. The first edition is truly an art-piece that I know I will cherish for years to come, and I cant praise Peter Steffesen enough for showing us all what dedication, taste and quality can look like in print.