We are individual companies with our own set of skills and competences. We are here to be inspired, work and inspire others. We value the freedom of being self-employed as well as being part of something bigger. We are colleagues, not only co-workers.

We want to create the best workplace in Aarhus. We believe that a mix of people, professionals and students provides the best conditions for an innovative, motivating andinspiring workplace.

We are proud to be a part of the Kaospilot brand, and are taking the responsibility of being the helping hand next door that can support a student, who is trying to balance a project, a report or just the right balance between life and worklife.

We share the building with 100 international creative young minds with strong values and backgrounds. We believe that this match is unique and a way to challenge the conceptual mindset of an education and a workplace.

Kaospilot HIVE - office room




We aspire to make Kaospilot HIVE the best workplace in town and we act as role models and professional sparring partners for the Kaospilot students.


  • Kaospilot creates the frames. We do the work.
  • Our name is Kaospilot HIVE. We are HIVERS.
  • As a HIVER, you are your own boss, but you have colleagues – and we take care of our colleagues.
  • We understand the value of a helping hand. If a student reaches out to us, we help the student in the best way we can, or in a polite and respectful way point them in a meaningful direction. We are role models.
  • We have a positive attitude towards all guests and visitors.
  • No one is a “b-member” of Kaospilot HIVE. All regular HIVERS as well as interns and similar join Kaospilot HIVE on the same terms and everyone is equally part of our community – both in a professional and a social context. All are encouraged to take part in the daily office life as well as morning meetings, parties and events.
  • Our language is English. Written form with no excuses. If just one person, who do not speak a Scandinavian language, is present, we will speak English – also in a social context.
  • We work with a “beta mindset” – we always test and improve.
  • It is our common responsibility and goal to act according to this code and keep the rules.


The leader of HIVE leads according to the frames, not the members. We all have a responsibility to contribute and make Kaospilot HIVE better.

Do you want to join our community?

Contact our office host and leader:

Marie Præst Schlosser.

Phone +45 26364157

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