Group members:  Jonas Klemmensen & Robin T. Sverd


Vision: “We dream of a world where games and play will enable people to take action on what really matters and believe that Game Designers, Gamers and Games together hold an important key role in society. That Game designers will be the future engagement hackers, change agents and architects of massive collaborative systems. That Games dealing with political, social and environmental challenges can be a platform for massive change, inspiring gamers to connect and engage with important issues more effectively. The essence is not change for the sake of change but for the sake of communicating something real and to let that be the beginning of a conversation.”


Game Changer Game Jam is an event concept where game designers come together to playfully solve political, environmental and social challenges through the lens of games, in only 48 hours. GCGJ organizes the jam and strives to provide the right context through speakers, venue, food and presenting a framework as inspiration. We do this to create a space where those who wants to experiment with making “games with purpose” can focus and challenge themselves with the goal of expanding their creative skills in a safe environment. Making fun games in 48 hours is hard, making fun games with purpose is even harder and this is the challenge we wanted to offer the participants.

Professionally, what are the most important things you have learned, as a result of carrying out this project?

Professionally I feel I have a better understanding of how you organize and create the conditions for creativity and autonomy to flourish. I’ve learned that great results can come from letting go of the control freak, in you, and instead trust in the people around you. This hasn’t been easy and there is still a lot to learn from this but it has definately shaped how my future leadership style will look like. I have a more humble yet confident way of describing my own qualities, which is partly because of seeing this project through. There is a great deal of satisfaction in finishing a project and a lot of learning, ready for the taking. However it really does require that you want to learn.


What are the most important things that you have learned, about yourself, as a result of carrying out this project?

I have found that I have a deep desire to seek meaning in what I do. I have a hard time relating to projects and ideas that don’t have an understanding of why they do what they do and I see myself constantly challenging people on their beliefs. It tells me that I have at least gotten a more holistic worldview, since entering the KP school, and for that I’m grateful.
Furthermore I’m very capable of taking on a big task with a lot of unknown factors in it and, in fact, I enjoy that the most. Being able to work in the unknown with confidence was not something I entered this education with but something I enjoy leaving with.


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