Kaospilot offer a 2-day programme which focuses on giving you an insight into facilitation of co-creation processes. We will give you an introduction to creating meaningful communities with other people – and we will give you the tools to do so. You will work with the design of learning environments that can involve other people – citizens or users – as active co-creators.


Co-creation is all about creating value that is worth more than what you can create alone! To do this you need active and equal involvement of all parties – and it presupposes that everybody shares knowledge, resources, ideas etc. in order to achieve a common goal.



During the two course days you will be inspired by input and work with the following topics that are the foundation for good co-creating processes:


  • Future analysis.
  • A value based and meaningful community.
  • Co-creation through design thinking.
  • Dynamic action plans.
  • Professional feedback on specific projects.


The pedagogic approach of the Kaospilots is an action-reflection theory, which means that we are always testing learning and theory through practical exercises. The teaching will be a mix of short theoretical lectures, presentations of – and training in – tools, and reflection on the learning.


And you will work with and be inspired by other participants who work with co—creation.


Furthermore, you will get the opportunity to work on your own projects.



Who is the target group?

  • Maybe you are working with the creation of civil engagement in the public sector.
  • You may be a leader or employee in an institution, where you are aiming at involving the citizens more.
  • You may be a volunteer in an organization that aims at organizing volunteers to make a difference.
  • You may work with user involvement in a company.


You will participate in this course because …


  • You need the tools to involve others.
  • You want to learn more about the facilitation of communities.
  • You wish to know more about designing safe learning environments.
  • You want to be able to create enthusiasm, and you see the opportunities in diversity.




Since 1992, Kaospilot have worked systematically with the management of change and co-creation processes. We are a creative environment comprised of a school with 100 inquisitive rule breakers from all over the world and a consultancy house that makes training programmes in leadership, innovation, and creativity.