KAOSPILOT CREATIVE LEADERSHIP – make people and ideas grow

KAOSPILOT Creative Leadership is for everyone who wants to increase the creative potential within their teams and organizations. The course will take you on a journey into the creation and leadership of motivated and high performing teams, rich learning spaces and powerful creative processes.


In a world running on deficit and suffering scarce resources, we must increase creativity and our ability to think anew. Our task as leaders is to turn the volume up for creativity and bring more people with different competencies together and introduce multiple perspectives into play.

It´s about; Moving the focus from me to we, from instruction to inspiration and from ordinary to extraordinary.



The program is built around a rigorous training platform that dynamically combines practice, reflection and theory. It will radically change your approach, you will grow as a leader, and gain new perspectives in leading creative collaboration.

In three inspiring modules, you learn how to lead teams to create extraordinary and meaningful outcomes. You get the opportunity to practice your creative leadership, not just talk about it and apply the skills directly to your own organization.

How Does Creative Leadership Improve the Innovation Process?

 “Creative Leadership gives the leader a readiness to go in- and to be able to improvise. Respond to what is rather than responding to what you thought would happen. It is not about plans, it’s about paying attention to the people who are in the process of working with innovation.”

David Storkholm, Co-Founder and Program Director


The modules build on each other, and have to be taken in a sequence.

Module 1:
The Creative Foundation: It starts with you

The aim of the module is to provide the participant with an understanding of creative collaboration as a space of human interaction. Through the elimination of formal roles and hierarchies, the module opens up for the exploration of trust and commitment in a team. The participant will develop a stronger awareness of their own personal impact through authentic and clear communication. The module provides an understanding of the mindset and the skills of a creative leader working in dynamic and explorative processes.

 Course Goals

  • The participant will explore personal impact in a team and how to strengthen authenticity and clear communication.
  • The participant will know how to build trust and commitment in a team and understand how to use diversity as a strength in the work process.
  • The participant will gain experience and insights in how to be and how to act as a creative leader.

Module 2:
The Creative Team: From me to we

The aim of this module is to provide the participant with an understanding of how to create alignment, commitment and direction within a team. The course will challenge the creative leader to provide a creative edge and become a source of inspiration. The participant will learn how to create a powerful frame that allows for unique contributions from the team members.

Course Goals

  • The participant will know how to lead a self-organizing team by creating alignment, commitment and direction.
  • The participant will be able to use esthetics and narratives to create strong stages for creative collaboration.
  • The participant will know how to use authenticity and personal engagement  to inspire participation and ownership.

Module 3:
The Creative Outcome: From ordinary to extraordinary

The aim of this module is to help the participant integrate the different elements of creative leadership in their personal practice. The module will explore different shapes of the leader that can build momentum in the creative process and secure learning and results in respect of a deadline. This module is about developing an overview over all the phases of a creative process and the ability to lead the team from the ordinary to the extraordinary outcome.

 Course Goals

  • The participant will learn how to stay present in the moment and improvise while still keeping the overview of the process and securing results.
  • The participant will develop the courage to challenge, inspire and disturb a team in order to go beyond the obvious results and allow for new outcomes to emerge.
  • The participants will learn how to build momentum in a creative process and understand the important differences between facilitating and leading creative collaboration.


With more than 25 years experience as an officer I pride myself with being an experienced leader. But the course leaders David and Paul proved to me that it is never too late to learn. With a unique teaching style combining theory with exercises they very convincingly demonstrated how you as a leader can stimulate creativity. How ideas flow when you are are not trying incessantly to focus on the end result but being in the present.

I have used some of the methods in my division, which is responsible for advanced officers training, and it has been quite interesting to see how you as a leader can create a frame for creativity and development.

Lennie Fredskov Hansen


Brigade general and Danish military attache in Moscow